Thursday, September 17, 2009

Racism Rant- Readers Beware

The recent events covered in the media has resulted in a few postings on blogs and Facebook walls of a few of my fellow GuateMoms that has driven me to vent! Any American of European descent, who is considered Caucasian, who has adopted a child from any other race is committing CHILD ABUSE when they spew the slurs against our President that I have seen of late! A fellow GuateMom denies being racist even though she refers to OUR President as "Obammy"?!?! Another GuateMom uses the N word repeatedly and in front of her children but denies being racist because she has friends...and I even think relatives that are persons of color and that the word 'means' something different where they live. May well mean something different where they live but will her child always live there and do you sink to the base level of your environment or do you , as the role model to your children, rise ABOVE the rest of the pack? It goes on and on and I would just like to know how these people (mostly women!) think that their child of color is NOT going to be affected by the words they hear in their own home let alone the words that will be directed at them by others who refuse to rise above the racial divide? Do the parents think that their 'whiteness' will envelope the child in a safe zone for ever??? Because let me state here and now that my Julia at SEVEN was already the victim of a racial Girl Scout camp of all places!!!!! Jumping from bunk to bunk one girl refused to jump on Julia's bunk because she wasn't "touching no dirty Spics bed"!! As this disgusting race based battle escalates where do our children stand? Will the racist who wants all illegal immigrants kicked out of our country take the time to ASK my child where she is from and does she carry her papers to PROVE she "belongs" here before saying their hateful words?? Why should my insecure pre-teen HAVE to bring her CITIZENSHIP papers to school to prove that she is entitled to a public education just because her different skin color made the school ask the question??? How many of her Caucasian peers adopted from Russia had to do the same.....NONE!!!! And should my brown skinned child have an accident at school and be rushed to the hospital will she be denied treatment until I arrive with her passport because the racists in this country are so sure that Hispanics (who must all be here illegally you know!) are draining all our medical resources and they want proof of citizenship in the health care legislation?????? Racism is here for a long while because it will take the usual evolutionary process to get humans to change...oh,except they won't change because there is no such thing as evolution, I forgot! As a Caucasian from Chicago's south side I am struggling to shed the bits of racism I was raised among but I MUST change because I CHOSE to be the Mother to two children of Mayan descent. My children did not magically become "white" when I adopted them and I will not be able to shield them forever from those people who will act hateful towards people of color. I MUST also set the example for them that I cannot be silent on the subject giving the ignorant tacit approval of their behavior and I will not stand in silence as supposed CHRISTIANS try to hijack my Savior's name to justify their Satanic behaviors! Jesus was VERY CLEAR on his direction to us to "Love one and another as He loved us" AND "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"!!! Jesus would NOT use racial slurs and Jesus CERTAINLY DID NOT withhold food, water, and medical care from ANYONE even the lepers and prostitutes. My children will have enough hurdles to clear in this life for me to add more by being and/or tolerating racism! It is my MORAL obligation to bring myself to a post-racial mind set and so I labor on with my prejudice eradication efforts. It is also my MORAL obligation to stand up and object when I see/hear my peers voice their racial prejudices! This is from my gut and I am passionate enough to say it no matter the backlash. The arguments may be open to debate but the conclusions are absolute. Yes, calling President Obama by the derogatory term of "Obammy" IS RACIST and your child deserves better from you...his future depends on it!!!


  1. yes we should REALLy compare notes on what guate mom this is...i wonder if its the same one who made a N joke about the president to me last year!!!!! ....oh and last summer i went on a play date with another guate mom who made fun of a man with a handicap in front of me and my daughter!!!
    That crap is everywhere....its sickening!!!

    My bio children are half Korean and my oldest son was called a " Hey Asian kid" by a older high school student!!!!

    Great post!!