Thursday, September 10, 2009

Go Raibh Mile Maith Agat! Mil Gracias! Thanks!!

I was dragged, kicking and screaming, into bloglandia last year by a couple of friends who impressed on me the unfair nature of our relationship. You see, I would surf all their blogs on-line and then call them with my comments. Eventually they pushed me out of my lurker closet and I got brave enough to actually post comments but that was not good enough for them! Noooo, they wanted me to even the playing field by posting my pictures and giving them something to comment on. Since then I've made so many new friends! One of these new friends has honored me by bestowing the Kreativ Blogger award. What an ego boost! So the award is not without a few strings. Firstly, I am to thank my friend and link to her blog. No problem!! I know all my friends will love checking out her blog about life with her precious Guatemalan Little Flower so thank you Gardenia @ Then I'm supposed to list 7 things about myself. Okay, a little tougher but here's a VERY random list from the top of my head! 1)My husband and I were blessedly pushed together by two very determined matchmakers...who are now my sister-in-laws. A long AND FUNNY story that I may cover in a future post!! 2)My addiction to Diet Coke guarantees the long term survival of my local Coca-Cola bottling plant! 3) I am (and always have been) a NIGHT person! I do not do mornings well would be an understatement and my best work gets done between 2 and 3 am. My husband is also a night person but is so disciplined that he has (for our two MORNING children's sake) converted himself to a DAY person. 4)As a teen I was planning on living in New Mexico where I was going to be a potter who raised pygmy goats. There is still a chance I could accomplish my's possible. 5)I love Opera and Show tunes and can even do Country music. Unlike my sister Peggy who can tell you the year (or big event in her life closest) that any given pop tune was released, I would be THE weakest link in a game of Trivial Pursuit if the question is about music! 6)I am a NEWS-aholic. Sadly, in a Mother's Day project while she was in first grade, Julia told her teacher to write down my favorite TV show as CNN....more likely to break this addiction than Diet Coke though! 7)My absolute, hands down favorite holiday is HALLOWEEN! We plan costumes like most people plan vacations. The girls just love helping me make and set out our "scary men" so that maximum fright can be obtained and the night before is our treasured, traditional pumpkin carving time! Now comes the toughest requirement!! I'm supposed to bestow the award on 7 more blogs and then leave them a comment notifying them of their selection. Here's the rub...Gardenia has the same tastes as I do in that she gave the award to a lot of the ones I would have chosen too!! Then I noticed Rhonda and Leslie have beaten me to this posting and listed 14 more of my favorites!!! So I'm just adding 3 more links for you to check out! Vanessa's Mission blog at Lisa at Terri at So as it says in the title: go raibh mile maith agat(Irish), mil gracias(Spanish) and THANKS!!!


  1. oh I love the irsh (Gaelic?) saying. wish I knew that language. both my parents are irish through and through, so I am too. Interesting stuff about you. thanks for sharing. I see you got the award button attached after all. now I'm going to make new friends by checking out your award recipient friends.

  2. LMAO im SO 100% with you on #2 and 3!!!! YOU ROCK!!!

  3. LOVE your post. I am sooooo right there with you supporting the diet coke CEO's! I too have to agree with the "night" person!!! Loved reading your information and I didn't know you wanted to live in New Mexico or blind date????
    You go girl. I have pictures to post on my blog with the girls in their "bob bob" outfits!!! Love them.

    Hugs, Rhonda

  4. oh that is funny that Julia doesn't say TH's b/c her irish daddy doesn't. My sister's son spent his days at his grandmother's (my mom) house while his momma worked. and my mom, being from new england doesn't say her R's. consequently, my nephew now an adult still says "draw" for "drawer" -- like a chest of drawers.