Friday, September 4, 2009

FavFotoFriday- Friends

Well I'm finally getting back to Favorite Foto Friday!!! This week's theme is FRIENDS....oh so easy peasy, lemon squeezy!! Some friendships start before you know it! Sometimes it takes years before you realize the friend inside your sister!!! Some friends will share special occasions!.....and finish your sentences but not your lima beans...and laugh WITH you as you remember the sleepover when you fell out of the bed and NEVER woke up! Twice blessed when your BFF is also your cousin!...and she joins in your obsessions without a twitch of an eye!!....and takes all the pink hand-me-downs so you don't have to wear anything 'girly'. Other friends just get down and dirty with you as you enjoy life's simple pleasures. Friends will act silly with you even if you are in public...well especially when you're in public!Friends will even turn green for you when your trying to play Wicked!!!...because OF COURSE she knows you will only be Glinda. Friends are excited to be on your same team!...and share in your disappointment when you do not share a single class at middle school! ....and even big girls can have BFF/Cousins!!! A friend who only sighs when you're being too bossy or rolls her eyes at your Latina temper.Who will do anything to get a sleepover so you can put on fake nails, make-up, and sing along with every Disney Channel music video!


  1. what a great narrative, and a treasure for your girls to read (someday) :) all those expressions are adorable, and the hats on Julia and cousin, and the wigs on Mari and friend, and the lion/tiger paws. yes, friends do silly things together.

  2. OMG this post really have a way with words!!! That first one is my fave!!!

  3. What a wonderful friendship and I sooo loved seeing all those precious pictures. I sooo love having my cousin who always understands no matter what!!!!