Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 2 Update

Nacho and what's his name have survived 24 hours!!! Nacho is...um...worrisome. He likes to pretty much stay tucked behind the water filter and eats very little in our sight. This would be Julia's fish, of course!! Mari's fish is bigger and it's obvious why! Justin Bieber will eat anything thrown in the tank. Speaking of which, the water is already less than crystal clear! Now I know it was only a $20 tank and filter but I thought it might work for longer than a DAY?!?!? So I'm thinking that some little girls might be sneaking extra food into the tank when I'm not looking! Never thought I'd have to lock up the fish food!!!


  1. did I tell you nacho would go first, or did I tell you... hmmm? hehe so funny that you are posting about the fish!

  2. well i was mean and i said 4 days!! lol

    I love fish as pet soo cheap and easy to care for!