Sunday, February 14, 2010

A different Valentine's Day love story

Close family and friends know (and are frequently exasperated by the fact) that Patrick and I are not really big into giving each other gifts nor celebrating special days with big displays of romanticism. We are 'matter of fact' kind of people who see our daily life and love as gifts enough! Auntie Peggy has logged several anniversary moments when it was she that reminded us of the importance of the day. She is very humorous in her telling of how she spent a whole hour on the phone with me on my anniversary several years ago without me mentioning the fact. So she baked some cookies and invited the girls over for a play date where they decorated the cookies to say Happy Anniversary. Patrick and I had not even remembered when the girls arrived with big shouts of "Congratulations!!" I guess the best way I can describe it is...we consider EVERY day of our marriage to be an anniversary and we have so much that what could the other possibly buy that would be any more special?!?!? Valentine's Day would be no different...except that it is a special day for another reason. Today is a day filled with an extra hug or two and while it is to affirm the love in our family it is not because of the romantic holiday. Valentine's Day in our home is a day in which we remember love lost.....and the reason to embrace the love still held tight. February 14, 1982....the day that Patrick's mother, Bridget O'Mahony of County Kerry, Ireland died. Her loss is beyond measure for a son who admired her every trait and magnified by the thousands of miles that separated them on that day. So as you admire the boxes of chocolates, the golden bangles, and the flowery verse on the Hallmark card you received today, please remember those whose love you once held so literally in your hand that is now only held in your heart and memory. Even better, pick up that phone and call someone whom you love as there may not be another chance to tell them in person!


  1. Joe and I don't do gifts either, I just don't want money wasted on things that we don't need unless its something really neat. So don't feel bad we just enjoy everyday as well, and spoil Maya instead.

  2. lovely post, and tribute to your mom in law. thanks for sharing. :)