Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shameless Pitch #2!!!

I so try to keep this blog limited to our little family and their antics with an occasional nod  to my sewing addiction. Every once in a while, though, I do come across something that moves me to reach out to every one I know in every way I possibly can! So please humor me with this one short post directed at my Catholic blogging buddies.

I was just approached today about a woman working in Guatemala who is trying to establish a lending closet of First Communion dresses for a Catholic school in Guatemala. The whole idea seemed odd when the story first started but then it hit me pretty hard. Which one of us did not savor every second of the dress choosing process? Which one of us did not feel like a princess as we dressed that special morning? Which one of us did not feel holy through and through as we knelt in prayer after receiving the sacrament for the first time? 

Then I recalled some special Guatemalan girls in their First Communion finery and it brought a lump to my throat. 

These little girls had been adopted by American parents who had the resources to robe them in white on their special day!!! I can only imagine the number of girls in Guatemala who hold a tiny dream of getting to wear white on their special day.....

So for my friend who is trying to bring the dream of a white First Communion dress to the girls of Guatemala I am spreading the word! If you have or know of anyone who has a dress they would like to donate please contact me!! A dry cleaner owner has volunteered to clean and bag any dresses donated at no we just need to supply the dresses!! Used and new dresses especially in the smaller sizes would make a dream a reality.


  1. wow that is a really neat idea, what beautiful girls you have. While living there I got to see alot of girls in their communion dresses, well and the 15 year olds looking like they were goign to a wedding, and boy the parties they would have for both, of course these were families with money. Sorry we have nothing to offer, but I wonder if thrift stores ever getting any in? and hey I will watch at garage sales this summer, you just never know.
    I tell I have got to get back with it, my blog is getting very pitiful, no crafts no nothing oh well.

  2. That is so awesome! I hope you get LOTS of dresses! I was just about to say thrift stores to and I just saw Leah's comment. Maybe I can swing by a store and see what they have.

    What a great idea!

  3. perfect idea. no communion dress here yet. but I may have a friend who is willing to part with one. i think some paretns want to hold onto them for sentimental reasons. (Like I feel about my daughter's baptism dress, but you know, now that i think about it, I would be willing to give it away to a little guatemalan baby for her baptism). When the cause is close to your heart, it's amazing what we are willing to do.

  4. oh and the dresses are beautiful on your girls. wonder if you made them. Love Mari's beautiful hair do. and your girls are beautiful too.

  5. Thanks Suzanne!! I know with Maritza being raised poor in Guatemala and with a wealthy uncle bringing her here to the US this project is a big deal to her!! I'm not catholic but after listening to her talk to me about it I promised to ask everyone!! She'll be delighted to know you've spread the word!!

  6. Im a ex Catholic girl and i sooo remember the feeling in my gorgeous white dress!!
    I will have my daughter look and see if she has her old dress in the closet..I DONT go in my teens room for good reason..I havent had my tetinus shot in a few years LOL EEK

    love the pics