Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fish Tales

So here's the first in a quick series of posts to catch up with our past week...brace yourself!! Gardenia needs to pay up!! Nacho was NOT the first fish to die... see, it was Justin Bieber that 'sank' first!! Nacho waited another 12 hours before he too succumbed! So I guess we'll call it a tie and let all those who bet on Nacho off the hook (: Now I had promised to try and make this a serious attempt at pet ownership so we took ourselves off to a smaller, family run pet store to hopefully get some 'training' and some replacement fish. So I'd like to introduce you to Ditto (on the left) and Bruiser (Due to his markings !) They are much more vigorous from the get go and very fond of eating..unlike their predecessors. Here's hoping they last longer than the first duo!!!!! By the way, JB lasted 5 days and Nacho 6. Oh, and the new duo are 'officially' both Julia's this time... because Mari opted to go back to the Beta, since her last one had lasted two years!! This would be a very poor quality shot of Salsa. Should Ditto and Bruiser be as short lived as Nacho and JB, then be sure that Julia's next 'pet' will probably be Salsa's cousin!


  1. good lord, poor fish. still made me laugh.

  2. that's a pretty fancy schmansy looking tank for a couple of goldfish!! hehehe. I mean, what's wrong with the standard round gold fish bowl. hope you have better luck with these three. maybe you should've called one of them St. Jude.

  3. LMAO awww RIP sweet fish!!!

    Ok i thought of you this weekend i took abby to a Chidrens fair and the prize of one of the games was a fish..I SAID NOOOO WAYYY sista!!!! Im evil i know!!! lol