Friday, February 5, 2010

FFF- Twist

Usually FFF stands for Favorite Foto Friday. Today I am throwing in an alternative meaning! This officially marks my First Friday Freebie!!! So many of my blogging buddies have been offering give a ways that I thought I'd join the fun! As with all of the gift give a ways there are some 'rules' so here goes: 1) Followers (and lurkers!) have to leave a comment to be eligible! 2) As part of the comment I would like you to answer a few questions; a) Do you shop on either eBay or Etsy and if yes which do you prefer? b) Do you buy any of your child's (childrens') clothing from these sites? c) What types of clothing are you most likely to buy and in what price range? d) What size(s) do you look through on these sites? e) What keywords do you type in most frequently? So from the comments I will randomly select one lucky winner who will receive the following items in order to be sure to celebrate our family's happiest holiday! One St. Patrick's themed outfit, co-ordinating socks, and glitter shamrock tattoos! The shirt can be long or short sleeved and in black or white...and YES I can even do it in adult sizes! The bottoms will be made from EUC denim of your choice...skirt, short, capri, or long pants but are only in children's sizes 12mos-14. You will also be able to choose from several fabric choices as shown below! While the rest of you are gearing up for Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras, we are already looking forward to St. Patrick's Day! You see, not only am I of Irish-American decent but my husband was born and raised in County Kerry, Ireland and bears the name of the celebrated saint, Patrick!!! Even the girls respond to the "what nationality are you?" questions with "Irish-Guatemalan" (: In honor of my mother's 82nd birthday next Tuesday, I will do the drawing and have the result posted by 6pm CST February 9th. Ready, set, COMMENT!


  1. Ok I'm ready to play. I shop on both sites. I like ebay the best. I shop for 4t at the present time, both boy and girl sizes. I like to shop for unique items that can't be purchased in department stores. I mostly shop for holiday/birthday items. Price range varies. I search mostly by looking on your blog. I thought I got too good a deal on the two valentine dresses.. lol just saying... I love them. Thanks!

  2. Oh i"m so glad the horses finally got there. Did the chocolate hearts make it without getting broken? I should send you a picture of Maya playing int he living room of packing peanuts, what a mess but a lot of fun (for her).
    that is a really really cute outfit, of course they all are. I use ebay for varies things, camera stuff, or just odds and ends but etsy for the more hair clothing type things. Of course I am the 3T shopper now but so far Maya has done so good in hand me downs I relaly haven't bought anything. I think for a child that is an average size shopping online would be fun but if I can't see it its relaly hard with Maya because she's so petite, we need adjustable waist bands or easy enough that we can sew them in. I am frugal frugal frugal, I have a hard time spending on on things unless its something I really need or a really great price.

  3. I"m totally an ebay girl but I occassionally wonder over to etsy!! LOVE buying on eaby in 3t and 4t sizes!! I look up (clothing size) boutique clothing or custom clothing!! LOVE the new outfit!!

  4. Wow! What an awesome giveaway!!! You are an amazing seamstress!!

    I shop both ebay and etsy...I spend the money I make on etsy buying more stuff from there! I've worked with so many nice accomodating people on Etsy. I am always looking for fun new products for myself or my kids.

    If I do buy clothing online, it's usually for my Greta who is girls size 7/8 now. I wish there was more cute boy stuff online for Peter!

    Would you ever be interested in swapping items? I do that alot on etsy!

  5. Ah ha!!!! Lisa is the one that out bid me on the Valentine dress!!!! lol

    I have bought several things on Etsy and some on ebay too. I always try and stay around the $20 range. I like to find unique clothing that you cant find in any department stores. Right now I get Abbie 4 or 5t clothes. Isaiah is still a 3t.

    Keyword for searches is always...children's clothing

  6. Oh Suzanne, I am totally an ebay buyer. TOOOO much, I'm afraid. I love to look for custom boutique clothes for the girls. I look for the 4 and 6 toddler range. I look to spend right around 25.00 for a cute outfit which is not so easy to always find. I am mostly now looking for disney pillowcase dresses. I have become more particular with the pillowcase dresses in that I look for those with appliques and/or ruffles on the bottom and I just got one that was so cute (princess and the frog) that had elastic on the top part of the dress with a bow on each end which was a nice change as I'm always having trouble keeping the ribbons from coming undone. You make the cutest outfits and I like different kinds of clothes that are unique. I soooooooo love the Valentine Day outfits you made our girls. I'm still giving out cards (paper) out when I put them on the girls.
    Blessings always my friend, Rhonda

  7. I want to play!

    A.I prefer cuz they do lots of custom items and you dont have to bid!

    b.sadly I BUT TOOO MUCH from both site! lol

    c.I love Custom stuff over Gymboree stuff i love Unique items!

    d.i look at size 3t-4t

    e.I type in Custom clothing girls

    ..ok i hope this helps and yes i have a shopping addiction! lol

  8. Leaving a comment. here's my answers:
    a) Do you shop on either eBay or Etsy and if yes which do you prefer? No to Ebay, yes to Etsy.
    b) Do you buy any of your child's (childrens') clothing from these sites? Yes on Etsy.
    c) What types of clothing are you most likely to buy and in what price range? Accessories up to $20
    d) What size(s) do you look through on these sites? size 3-4.
    e) What keywords do you type in most frequently? I don't. I go to sites I already know.

    Love those fabrics. and the outfit. thanks for hosting this freebie. what fun.