Thursday, February 11, 2010

Horsin' Around ....AGAIN!

I told you this was going to be a quick series of posts. I might even have the time to get another one in before the night's over!! As you are probably well aware, Julia is a tad smitten by all things equine. Well her horse sense really got a boost this weekend! You see, she had a great time playing with her toy horses....NEW toy horses that is!!! Mom had a chance at a win/win situation in which Julia could expand her herd while helping out a friend who is trying to raise funds for her adoption account! Julia had known that I had entered into the arrangement but I never told her HOW many horses would be joining the herd. Her eyes nearly popped when she saw the postman carrying up such a big box (: Leah and Maya included a sweet note which I made her read before I let her start rummaging in the box! Then she dove in and with each 'find' she kept saying, "This really makes me smile!". The smile was in the grin category once the box was emptied!!!!! Her herd tripled in size all at once! By the way, the wildcat did not come in the box. That was in her hand as the doorbell rang and just mixed right into the imaginary play as her new kicking pony seemed an ideal opponent. Now I have the whole herd as my front window 'decor'....going on almost a week now! She just wants to be able to "see my buddies as I get home from school" (:


  1. what lovely little buddies. what a wonderful collection Julia now has, thanks to her momma and Leah ! how wonderful of you to support Leah's adoption goal. and I love the realistic looking wild cat too!

  2. Very nice!!! I used to collect horses when I was little! What a nice way to help Leah and also give Julia a wonderful surprise!

  3. oh yay! brought a huge smile to my face to see how much she loves them. So did she think she might try and make a horse tail bracelet or try give the two without tails a little help?
    You know I do make all of Maya's clips or at least most of them, I had set up a blog to try and sale them but etsy would be much better I'm sure, I even did some with the worry dolls from Guatemala. Figured out that the cold heat hot glue gun was really no good for holding things on for a long time, so now a a very hot one, much better!
    Boy I still have a ton of horses on my hands but so glad and thankful for the bunch that you took, a little more into the fund.