Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Fever!!

As is the rest of the world, we are enjoying the Olympic coverage on T.V. Just as many other children around the world, my two girls are fantasizing about their own Olympic glory!! Very conveniently Julia's school had a scheduled outing at a local ice rink for this Sunday. Sad, I know, to say but my Midwestern lades have never been on ice skates! Did I ever mention how much I dislike winter???

So in anticipation of the big USA vs. Canada hockey match-up on Sunday we headed off to the rink to give it a go!

Did I say 'we'? Not a chance!! My skating days are looooong over so I requested tutoring assistance from the skating star, Andrew. This is the exact moment that Julia first put foot to ice!

He earned BIG TIME brownie points with me this day! He had the patience of Job with the struggling Julia!

Over and over he got her back on her feet! Such a sweetie as he assured her that she would be skating before the party was over.

One of the kiddie stands finally became available and it did the trick! My camera had gotten pretty wonky in the cold so I didn't get shots of Julia finally making her first fall free lap!!!! Let's just say Apollo Ohno's records are real safe. No winter Olympian in this house!!!

Oh, by the way...Mari used her rollerblading skills and did just fine. She still isn't Olympic fodder but she did stay safely on her feet  the whole time.

She's in one of those quirky tweener phases where pictures are 'uncool' and anything I say is wrong ...thus the disproportional appearances by Julia in the blog of late.


  1. what fun. ice skating was huge in our house when i was a child. my brothers were hockey players from age 3, and my lil sis went on to junior nationals in figure skating. so we all skated and loved it. but it's been a looooong time since I've been on skates and can't imagine how I'd do. Julia will catch on easily if she likes the sport I'm sure. and Mari has parlayed her rollerblading skills without trouble. that's great. I dread the days when my daughter thinks everything I say is wrong -- wait, she already does!! she says no to pretty much everything. that's a reall cute shot of julia on the kiddie stand, and what a hero Andrew was.

  2. I dont think I could ice skate either! I tried years ago and it kinda freaked out! I'm right there with ya!

    Got to love those teen years! You can do no right!

  3. I would love to try that!! I can skate on four wheels but never tried to rollerblade:) LOL

  4. yeah ice skating is much harder then it looks. I have taken Maya twice for her last 2 birthdays, and I skated a little bit in college. Thanks for posting our button!!!!
    So have you looked at the latest followers I have, I am thinking of going private, I mean some of them have blogs that aren't even in english or aren't really a blog, I just don't know what is going on.