Friday, January 28, 2011


Well, Nora made it our choice so I chose Flashback Friday!! To see what others chose you can go to Nora's site and check them out. Meanwhile, here's my flashback......

We used to go to DisneyWorld......ALOT!! It would be back in the days of film photography. Yes, I'm old. I come across stacks of pictures that I want to scan into the computer but then rarely take the time to actually do just that! There has been this one particularly annoying stack that insists on sliding off the pile and onto the keyboard...just begging for attention! This particular series tells a story.

Once upon a time there were two families who used to spend their vacations together at Disney World. The cousins were very tight! They'd do everything together!!! The year Julia turned 3 years old they happened to be at the mouse's house. Julia had a very favorite character....

So, the two families went to the Crystal Palace character meal where the main man was appearing for the birthday celebration. After a big birthday hug from the Pooh himself the birthday girl was given a special birthday treat....

Much to the chagrin of the BFF/Cousin Deirdre who was used to getting everything Julia got! Notice...Julia was much more enthused by the fact that she had the "real live autograph" from Winnie the Pooh while Deirdre eyed that petite piece of baked goods.

It was just more than a girl could bear!!!!!! Sitting right next to the BFF/Cousin who is supposed to share everything and dare she?!?!? [note the front of the fleece- it was 80 degrees but Julia INSISTED on wearing it so Pooh would "just know how much I love him!] Anyhow, not to worry. The moms stepped in and cut that little bitty birthday cake into halves with Julia's sweet natured blessings and the broken heart was mended and.....

The BFF/Cousins spent all the rest of their birthdays happily ever after!


  1. Love those smiling cousin faces! And fleece in 80 degrees? That's dedication! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Great photos! And I'm with little Deirdra, I'd be eyeing that cute little cupcake too :-)

  3. too cute. I love seeing flashback pics. we've not yet been to disney world or disney land.

  4. So sweet. I love a look back in pictures. How fun that the cousins are best friends. I love that!

  5. What an adorable memory. Cousins make the bestest friends.