Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Spoiled?

Picture the following scene...

Large and noisy art room at a grammar school filled with 4 air compressors humming/buzzing/roaring as lines of second graders shift from foot to foot and nervously chat amongst themselves. Trailing from one of the five temporary dental operatories is a particularly boisterous line of children. Two women at the station are talking low and steadily as one dictates to the other the conditions found in the gaping mouth of another child laid out on their exam chair. The woman recording the dictation turns slightly and gently reminds the children that they are still in school and to whisper among themselves rather than the loud conversations they had been holding. As the line of children fall back into order, one little boy hops from foot to foot and grins from ear to ear and leans forward from his line to whisper in an exaggerated manner, "Oh thank so very much dentist ladies!"

Now let me tell you readers, this is so not a normal reaction that it cause me to look up and smile. He was genuinely glowing with happiness! He went on to say, "I am so so so happy for this!" His manner was like a child opening Christmas gifts! You'd think he was about to receive this....

or maybe this....

or these even??? 

But NO he was THRILLED to have been given this.....

Because as he went on to inform us, "My other one got old and broken and we are out of money so I've been brushing like this..." as he goes on to mime using the side of his index finger. Not on a medical mission to I was in a school in a Chicago suburb.


  1. it's an eye opener. bless his heart.

  2. Oh Suz, the mouths you saw, just horrible. I can't imagine the pain from them,how do the kids learn?
    how wonderful to have one child so thrilled to get a new toothbrush! we always have too many kid ones and send themto Guatemala, who would have thought they his parents couldn't have gotten one, I do live in the welfare state as it is known, somaybe we have more to offer.All of the kids dentist around here take welfare coupons as far as I know its always advertised.

    How exciting about your etsy shop! hey we are actually having some nice warmer days, with glorious sunshine.

    love the sunflower idea, My mom has done that before with seeds, but sunflowers would be great because the birds could enjoy them too!