Sunday, January 9, 2011

Your attention please!

I mean PLEASE!!!.......

Went to Mairead's volleyball playoffs the other night. Her team was smoking! I got NOT ONE good action shot...figured out my setting to 'anticipate motion' just fine but that setting turns off the flash?!?!

I'm not deterred. The camera is still a dream to own but I just need to work with it more often. But I did notice an issue I need to work on....

Text mania to a degree that I got off another shot too...

Before she even realized that I was taking the pictures!!

Now Mari is far from the worst texting teen. It is just that I have certain expectations how one should behave in certain situations. She 'got the picture' and put the phone away after the above shots. The game was lopsided...20-0 and 20-3 with the third game called since it was a best of 3 series so there was an element of discomfort at watching such a blow out. I can understand the temptation BUT we were there to CHEER for Mairead?!?!?

Right guys??? Kind of hard to lay down the law when Mairead's own Dad, brother, and cousin were electronically engaged as well? Ahem, guys....there's a game going on here...right?!?!

We've had a family meeting regarding this matter. I'm sure Mari got the message. The guys...we'll see?!?!


  1. I have a great camera too that I got for Christmas 2009 and I'm still clueless about settings. I hate when my picture turns out but the background is pitch black. ugh...texting mania is something I'm sure I will encounter but hopefully not for another 8 years!