Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's Up Wednesday...

Kuddos to the bloggers who successfully complete the 365 Project! Just aiming for a post a day for ONE week seems monumental to me let alone a post/picture EVERY day for a year?!?! But here I am in the midst of the week and I'm still on track...

Still having fun playing with the picture editing program! Psychological analysis would probably reveal that it is an avoidance behavior on my part. So much more gratification can be gleaned playing with picture treatments than the challenges of mastering my camera or designing and sewing products for my Etsy shop, which I'm clearly avoiding.

But the hubby is out facing the challenges of a Chicago driveway in January so I need to bite the bullet and get into that sewing room and set those machines a whirring! Hmmm...wondering if it might be too great of a goal to have tomorrow's post be of a new spring outfit's photo shoot for Etsy??


  1. nice photo of your beloved. we're shoveling at our house too.

  2. Great photo and photoshop skills!!!!!!!!