Saturday, January 29, 2011

Me, oh my!

The week isn't quite over and I'm already exhausted! New little cousin being christened tomorrow so I'll have to dig deep in order to finish with a flourish....but I'm dragging tonight.

Besides the hundreds of little mouths I examined this week, I had driving duties to and from school, dance classes, grocery stores, and orthodontist appointments. I had lunches to pack and dinners to make...thank goodness for Thursday's Family Night which gave me one night off because Auntie Peggy handled the cooking by herself!! The laundry room beckoned louder than the sewing room and the driveway required several passes with the shovel this week. Just when the looming weekend gave others the promise of a respite from ones daily chores I had two events that were simply NOT to be brushed off!

Time for the Mom in this house to have her own little play date! As far as play dates go when you get to be my age anyhow.

My sister-in-law/BFF Agnes and I decided to surprise our friend Gina with a lunch date! Gina is housebound recovering from major surgery and sorely needed the conversation and laughs. Helped the mood when dessert appeared....

because Friday also happened to be Agnes' birthday! The three of us Musketeers, with a 22 year age spread, used to spend days and nights together just a few years back as we toiled over dance costumes for insane deadlines. Now we have gone our separate ways and the reunion was long over due. I only wish the two of them lived out in the suburbs so I could 'drop in' more often!!

Guess what those tickets in Julia's pocket mean???

Yes, it was the school carnival today. Had to come home from my play date yesterday to get  a German Chocolate cake made to deliver early this morning for the Cake Walk. Then I had two teens to get there in time to run a game....

because they have service hours to fulfill for confirmation. Andrew is in the home stretch but Mari has another year of volunteering before her confirmation!

He is such a goof-ball!!

Great news is that the school did away with the goldfish game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last year's prize is not only still alive but has necessitated the purchase of a TEN gallon tank and filters by the caseload. I'm threatening to donate him to my sister-in-law's Koi pond this spring as he is well over FIVE inches long and eats like a piranha. I'll get a picture up soon of Ditto the mutant goldfish.

Just a quick little closing thought. As I navigated the crowded halls of the grammar school I found the need to use the services of a rest room. The crowded conditions lead me to the plan to avail myself of the first one I encountered...which turned out to be the one located outside the kindergarten room.

After you stop laughing at the thought of me whipping out my camera in a junior sized stall, go ahead and read the directions. I am all in support of water management efforts but can someone please tell me who is the lucky soul who gets to teach this to the 5 year old students not yet reading proficient????


  1. Great job having the camera ready at all times! lol
    That's funny!

    Did you make that strawberry cake? Looks fabulous!!!
    Get some rest today if possible. Happy Sunday to you all!

  2. how wonderful that you could have a play date. it's great to connect with friends again. lovely strawberry dessert!! did you make that?

  3. Love your disneylandpictures, I love to look back at older photo's.
    Yeah not sure about the wholetoliet thing, I'm going to guess they don't bother telling the kids anything, what would be the point.
    You christening pictures were beautiful, a little child dressed up like a little angel will turn out gorgeous no matter what.