Thursday, January 6, 2011


So much for New Year resolutions, huh?? Well  in my defense just moments after hitting the publish on my last post the very unwelcome guests that have been loitering in my upper respiratory tract for weeks, decided to call a convention of all their friends and family in my GI tract.

Yes, I did have to cry "Uncle" and call into work...something I hate to do as it means a lot of other people have to scramble! After the guests took their party elsewhere, I did a day or so of this....

I love my hot tub!

The girls are big enough now to not be too distressed at my obvious malaise but they still  want their Mom to assure them all will be well, so many of my soaks were punctuated by a mop of black hair poking around the bathroom door a time or two...or twelve...with the pretense of "just checking on you". Tonight, I ran a bleach cycle through the jets and put the hot tub on temporary waivers. I cooked a 'real' dinner for my meat and potatoes guy [full ham dinner FYI!] who single-handedly cleaned up and put into storage all of our Christmas decorations. I ran some laundry and made breakfast....

Pumpkin muffins...again! The first batch disappeared somehow while I was under the weather?!?!
Tomorrow I'm starting the New Year over!


  1. Glad you're feeling better. We're going to have a big mom and Violet muffin cooking party this weekend.

  2. you deserve alittle Suz-time, and how sweet that your girlies want to check in on you. those muffins look tasty! nothing wrong with starting the new year on January 7!