Saturday, January 22, 2011

Surely it's not Saturday???

Ha! Thought I was going to falter on my last day of the challenge?!?!? Too close to the finish line to let that happen. Cannot believe that it is already Saturday and that in less than 24 hours we will know if we have to plan a Super Bowl Bash to celebrate a Bears win! Fingers crossed here in this house!!!!!!

Just a quick update on my Etsy Shop...

I have been working on some spring and summer outfits this week. Not quite ready for a photo shoot of the finished products because I want to have a bunch to load at once to improve the 'vibes' on my site.

As excited as I am to be working with some cute children's prints it is even more exciting to know that I can now edit the pictures to add a bit of 'pop' to the site!!!

Just a hint of things to come!!!!

1 comment:

  1. good job posting daily! those prints are adorable. looking forward to seeing what you have in mind. got any cute puppy prints for one of those dresses?