Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sports Shorts Sunday

Our family are not exactly sports fanatics. We enjoy sports. We are better at watching sports than actually playing sports though! This week we put our watching skills to the test TWICE.

First we went off to see Mairead's semi-final volleyball match. Unlike the quarter finals, where her team blew the competition out of the water, this match was a real nail biter.

All three games in the match had this score. Luckily, Mairead's team managed to get to the twenty first two times out of three and moved on to the finals!!! Monday marks the end of her grade school volleyball career and while it would be great to go out as champions, their opponents are undefeated in the league. Fingers crossed.

Guess what football team we were rooting for today?? Peggy and Alyssa came over to help us cheer on Da Bears. Patrick would have loved to join us as football is the only American sport he enjoys but work came first.

Their attention to the Bears domination over the Seahawks, distracted? I really think my girls watch football for the snacks....

Yes, Julia, the camera caught you in action!!

Die hard fans to the end. Yep, those are my girls. Game well in hand and snacks gone...and they are the computer!!!

Chicagoland has already gone beserk! Next week we play our arch-rivals. Green Bay versus Chicago in the semi-finals could not have been scripted better by Hollywood. That will be a game that brings this city to a halt!! Friends, don't come visit Chicago next Sunday afternoon ...or do come and help us cheer on Da Bears!!!!


  1. How exciting!!! I bet if your a young "partier" Chicago's the place to be!

    Did you make Julia's shirt? Very cool!

  2. By the way... hows your Etsy shop doing? I know you make cute spring and summer outfits!