Tuesday, March 3, 2009

As promised...

Firstly, please everyone keep my friend Rhonda in your thoughts and prayers today as she undergoes major back surgery. She's going to have a hard row to how during recovery with two little girls at home that she won't be able to lift! Secondly, happy belated birthday to Ms. Vanessa! Wishing you many, many, more!!!!!!!!!! Hope to have more to post tonight but here are a few pictures from the weekend. The camera shy Uncle Peter with a table full of sobrinos at his birthday luncheon. I'm sure the crowded restaurant didn't appreciate that we put them all at one table resulting in a concentration of the bedlam :)
Another little jumper in time for St. Patrick's Day! This one is a 3t which I currently have listed on eBay. I'm really enjoying 'rescuing' denim and cutifying it for a new life.
Now the new challenge......the Disney Boutique market on eBay. My sister and another reader kept telling me about this active genre so I'm dipping my toe in and testing the water. When I found this oriental umbrella material I just knew what my first attempt would be....
The applique went smoothly and I'm pleased with the final 'look'. Waiting on a warmer sunny day so Deirdre can go outside and model in the hopes of getting better pictures to up the bidding chances. She is going back to the mouse's house in June so I'm bribing her to be my model by offering her the prototypes for the upcoming trip!
Made the prototype with shorts since they are going in June but plan to offer capris or pants on the listing.
Picked up a new pattern to see if I can get away from this 'pillowcase' style and plan to start a Stitch themed one next. I'm choosing my first few using Deirdre's favorites as well as the idea that some of the characters are no longer featured on commercially available and/or they aren't for the right gender! Stitch, for instance, is never offered on girl's cloths! Doing a Jesse and Cars set for Julia to model after I finish Stitch :)


  1. YIPEEEE....I think you will do great...I have to have Jesse....HAVE TOO...and lets see. BOO...oh I have to have a BOO one since Kya looks just like Boo from Monsters Inc...too bad Jagger's daddy won't let him wear one....he need MIKE from MI too...HA

    Mary Poppins would be really cute too...she is becoming one of Kya's Fav's

    OH and I noticed Alice In Wonderland is Big right now around Disney WOrld

    Kya loves Stinky Truck as she calls him from Cars


  2. Ok..you're killing me with all this cutness! I just might have to go check out that 3t on ebay!! It just might fit Arianna!! LOL!!
    I need Nemo, Cars, Tinker Bell, and Pooh bear for Miss Olivia!! She's the demading diva and Arianna just goes with whatever!! That Mulan suit is GORGEOUS!! I need to fly down for some leassons!!