Friday, March 27, 2009


The greatest thing about FFF is that it is forcing me to scan my old pre-digital photos into files! As I was sitting here sorting through the boxes, Mari asked me what today's theme was and what was I looking for to post? When I told her it was 'unique' the smart quip I got in response ended up changing my whole perspective! "I'm unique so just put a picture of me." Simple, to the point and one of those 'out of the mouth of babes' moments of enlightenment! We each are unique!!!!!! Boy, oh boy my two ladies are unique. Two more different children could not have been paired as siblings. Yep, one always playing the model while the other mugs it up! Mari is such a girl and Julia is such a tomboy. Julia is even-tempered while Mari is VERY Mari loves to read and Julia...not so much. Julia is everybody's friend while Mari is everybody's boss. Mari cannot wait to grow up while Julia loves being a kid. Not sure if it's a deliberate choice on their part to be so different or if it's coincidental but they are unique!
Mari goes for the pretty birds and prefers to be 'under cover' just in case.....
Julia, the tender hearted, goes for the sad looking bird because no one else was choosing him! No worries about his claws know!
Julia chose fishing in the shade.....
while Mari needs speed for her fun in the sun!!
This would be the last photo EVER of Julia wearing curlers! Curly hair is waaaaay too girly!
While Mari not only loves having her hair done but prefers it done 'with style'! These are her favorite curlers even though Julia calls her the Statue of Liberty when ever they are worn :)
Closet doors mark the entry to a wonderful world of dressing and dress up to Mari! Sadly this was taken just a week after she came home forever and I cannot believe how full it was already.
Julia finds closet doors only serve as a background to pose against....well they are a little cool when painted to look like a barn too. The only clothes found in her closet are the yucky know the ones that require hangers... like dresses!
Just had to close with this other shot of her in her 'horse' room because this IS Julia.....pretending to rear up like a stallion because "maybe God forgot that I wanted to be born a horse?"
When I was younger and so naive as to believe I could mold my children in my own image I envisioned two little dolls that I would dress to the nines. Girly girls who would take dance lessons and love make up. Quiet, mannerly little ladies who would join me for 'ladies lunch' and shopping dates. God knew I had a lot to learn! I'm still learning. I'm learning how wonderful it is to have daughters who are their own person and I am learning how to step back and let them become UNIQUE!


  1. I sent a long comment, please let me know if it didnt go through a sit will really po me off.

  2. Sorry Rhonda but this was the only comment to come through. I finally found that I had to sign on to all the blogs I follow through my Blogger account in order to get my comments left with greater ease.

  3. Great post!!! The girls are so cute!!!I like the curler photo!!!