Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A good sport!

I'm jumping on here again just to give my niece Deirdre a virtual hug! Thanks sweetie!!! For the rest of my readers, since it looks like we are expecting cloudy days coming up I decided to get the pictures for my eBay Disney Boutique debut today. After school let out she walked over to my house and donned flip-flops so we could go out to snap a few angles. This is her modelling debut as well! Wouldn't you agree she's a cutie?
So then why this look???? This is the "Please Auntie Suz hurry!" look because it was only 39 degrees out this afternoon!! Her mom will get "the look" the next time she wears this outfit only that time it will be because she's too hot down in Florida in June :)
Only the fair, blue-eyed readers will truly understand this picture. Our eyes can NOT bear sunlight! We worked out a timing thing where by she stood with her eyes closed until I was ready to snap. On the count of 3 she opened while I snapped.....when our counts were synchronized that is! She gave me grief for stopping to stick the silk flowers in the flower box...just looked too barren and wintry without a blossom to go with a Mulan outfit.
So they are listed and time will tell if this brings in enough money to ship a box of shoes to Guatemala....

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