Monday, March 2, 2009

Weak end to a weekend!

Maybe in my next life I will have the time for deep and profound introspection on the positive influence of chaos??? It just seems so obvious to me that my life would be so much happier if daily events would be devoid of pendulum swings. With that said I guess it can be deduced that this weekend's salt mine production is not what I had hoped. Hopefully I can post some pictures tomorrow after I get home from the 'real' job to illustrate. I finished off two more denim jumpers in St. Patrick designs and nearly finished a 'new' challenge...emphasis on the word challenge!! Found a beautiful oriental style umbrella print cotton to which I added a Mulan applique in the hopes of having a shorts set ready for Deirdre to model (she gets to keep the prototype for their Disney trip in June). The applique which should have been the challenge turned out great! Simple gathers have become by nemesis...grrrrrrrr! Did learn a bit about eBay marketing. Discovered that my type of items move better when listed later in the week. The 18mos Snoopy outfit first listed for a 3 day auction on a Monday got lots of watchers but no bidders. Relisted late on Thursday and sold on Saturday with 8 bidders! The jumpers see more action later in the week also so I'm thinking I need to build up my 'inventory' on the weekend and early weekdays and list them on Thursdays. The ladies have tomorrow off for Casmir Pulaski Day and they'll need it because they packed it in this weekend! Uncle Peter's birthday luncheon, Mairead's and Julia's basketball games, sleepovers, playdates, and the big Jo Bros 3D movie were all squeezed into the weekend. The furnace is ailing and at 25yo the mechanic is not keen on another 'paperclip and chewing gum' repair. It's darn cold out so it looks like this years springbreak trip to Florida might have to be sacrificed :( The first time since Mari came home from Guatemala that Semana Santa won't be spent in Sarasota....ouch.


  1. Oh no!! I hope things work out and you guys get to go to Sarasota. I know how much the kids LOVE the beach!!

  2. Oh bummer.........there is never enough time in a day, weekend or a month! Hope the furnace keeps on but hey, you didn't get hit with this snowstorm like we did!!!! Hope Sarasota works out. thinking of you and glad you got the ebay insight, never knew that about those little tidbits!