Saturday, March 14, 2009

Midnight Mania....

Well here I sit killing time on the computer waiting for scones to come out of the oven. Just before bed the girls reminded me that tomorrow was the Girl Scout Bake sale right after church...oh well, back to plate spinning again! Thought I'd show you the pics of a couple of items I just listed on eBay: Here's Deirdre modelling the Nemo set I showed you before. She casually mentioned that they would be at the mouse's house for NINE days..hint, hint Auntie Suz. She's very agreeable to modelling anytime there is a new outfit as payment.
Found some Autism Awareness fabric on clearance and it inspired me to make this outfit. Deirdre will be travelling to DisneyWorld with an autistic family member and was really excited when I showed her this set!
I'm kind of proud of this applique I thought up showing the puzzle piece, which is the symbol for autism, on Mickey's iconic hand. Kind of holding my breath because I'm not sure how those in the autism spectrum community will take to this idea.
Mairead got in on the action too! Here she is in a Tinkerbell top I made for the 'tween crowd.
Well time to print out labels for the ziploc bags I'm using for the scones and find their scout uniform pieces..ta!


  1. OK you're going to laugh at me but what is scones? The girls look great!! I'll be sending you a diaper box soon full of denim items to keep you busy of course. I just need to make it out to Fed Ex this week!

  2. Those are absolutely gorgeous outfits Suz. What an absolutely lovely idea with the autism material. What size of denim's do you need or want?