Saturday, March 14, 2009

High Holy Holiday!

Today marked the beginning of 'our' holiday and what a glorious day it was!!! Just read in today's paper that 12% of the residents of Illinois listed Irish on the last census and I'd venture to say that all of them were sitting on a curb somewhere today. It was SUNNY and deliciously warm at 50 of the best possible scenarios for a St. Patrick's Day parade. Auntie Peggy led the trek to stake out a spot in the sun. Our little town has the third largest parade in Illinois!
The cousins were all there with their candy catch bags on the ready.
Here they are together again!
Auntie Jenny usually avoids cameras but just caught her in the corner here as we waited for the parade to begin.
Yep, there were bagpipes!
Of course, what would the day be without step dancers?
Surprise, surprise she found lots of horses here too!
YES, it was warm enough to show skin!!!!!!!! ....well for those who tan. Only the Irish ones had to lather on sunscreen in March in Illinois! Corned beef and cabbage fills many a belly tonight and those of us wise enough to pace ourselves are home resting up for tomorrow's festivities.


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! We missed the St. Patty's day parade today because i had a baby shower and birthday party to go to. Besides it was in the HIGH 80s and rainy!! Next weekend we will be doing the Irish/Italian parade!!

  2. How fun. I didn't even know they had St. Patrick's parades!!!