Monday, March 9, 2009

On top of a mole hill!

Let me apologize for not posting lately! In the future if you don't hear from me just assume I'm in the salt mine. I went to bed Saturday night in a very blue mood. My Disney boutique debut on eBay did not go as well as I had hoped and I was second guessing myself right, left, and center. I kept trying to cheer up by thinking of the veeery excited little girl who 'won' the Stitch outfit which she is planning on wearing to her Lilo & Stitch breakfast at the Polynesian village in April but it only had one bid of the minimum amount :( Worse, the Mulan listings only garnered a bunch of lookers and no bidders!! I've re-listed it at a lower price but since my goal is to make money to use for helping Mari's birthfamily and shipping the shoes from the shoe drive to the orphanage down in Guatemala I can't put it lower than my actual material costs!!!! I had a Nemo outfit nearly done but awoke Sunday with no drive to finish it since I felt so fatalistic about the prospect of it selling. Then the first little pebbles sent out their first waves and I had THREE people contact me off eBay to make them a St. Patrick's day skirt like I did for Vanessa's daughters!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are all three off in today's mail after a reeeeeal late night of sewing. Then I checked out my Paypal account which I had been diligently avoiding so as not to become fixated on the pace of it's expansion. WOW, enough to cover FOUR months of food for the birthfamily is now on it's way to Guatemala!!! I'm standing tall today but don't worry I know it's only a mole hill but I'm hoping a few more waves will wash me up on top of a mountain! I'll try and get some photos going by the next post.....and BTW I do still have Mari and Julia who are loud and clear on their unhappiness at not being featured lately in my postings :)

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  1. Ok so that means I need some girly news on them!! What size is Nemo? You know I'll buy that one since Olivia is a total Nemo freak and Cars, Tinkerbell, Cinderella and the list goes on!! LOL!!