Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cobbler's Child!

Turned into a non-stop weekend of play dates and sleepovers! Unfortunately a fantastic photo op was missed when a movie date planned with good friends was swapped out for the grand opening of a new playground due to beautiful weather. I was prepped for a movie so did not have my camera on hand and even though Mariann had her's I'm not counting on getting copies anytime soon! Really, how does someone so much younger than I not 'get' how to load her memory stick into her computer and then e-mail copies???? I'm from the dinosaur generation and it has been a sharp learning curve but the one thing I have learned was to turn to her 11yo daughter and petition her to help Mariann get the task accomplished! It's a wonderfully imaginative playground with equipment that even challenges the 'tweeners who were as reluctant to leave as the 8yo sisters. The impromptu plan for a sleepover was the trick. Mari went home with her BFF while little Mary Kate came home with Julia because neither of us wanted all four at once......and they have two HAIRY dogs which would have put Julia in the emergency room! Turns out Mary Kate was on her inaugural sleepover and after a nervous start she settled right in with the help of a few Hostess cupcakes :) I definitely had the better pair as they were out by 10:30p and slept until 8a while the older sisters burnt the candle until 1:30a and were back up by 7:30a! All of this left me with some quality time in the salt mine! Both girls have stepped up their guilt-trip campaign by pointing out how much has been made for other worked! I squeezed in a Cars themed outfit for Julia..... Denim capris that I cutified were a big thumbs up especially because geriatric old Mom remembered that she wanted Sheriff on her outfit. So now the cobbler's child no more!
The top...not so much! Too feminine and TOO ITCHY was her verdict. I'm going to try and re-work it so that all is not wasted. If all else fails I'll just get a white t-shirt and applique a few characters. Am noticing the hips as I type this and can't even think straight!!!!!! How can I have TWO girls flying towards puberty?!?!?! WHERE HAVE MY BABIES GONE?????
I also finished a casual Easter themed outfit that is listed on eBay. Loved the purple eyelet so had it 'on hand' when I came across the print. Just love the religious themes which are so much more a "reason for the season" than all the bunny and egg prints.
Also did a spring white eyelet version with a cupcake print which is also listed on eBay.
Lastly, I added a siblings version to the autism awareness Disney outfit I showed you before. The Mickey hand holding the puzzle piece is on the side pocket you can't see in this angle.
Start another crazy week with the 'real' job but once ended I have a nice long 'spring break'....just wish we could have been in Sarasota :(

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  1. Now you know i'm going to need that outfit when Julia's outgrown it right? LOL!! The eyelet is GORGEOUS!! I found another great deal on crocs today!! Another 24 pairs for a buck a pair at the local Family Dollar store!! WOOHOO! Oh my bad some of them were some cute girly shoes!