Friday, March 20, 2009


Busy, busy week! Here it is Friday and I finally found some quiet computer time. This week's Fav Foto Friday's theme is we're talking a theme I can get into! Green is our family's color. It permeates our daily lives. It is with us everywhere we travel whether we are close to home...... with the gang under the lion that guards the Art Institute of Chicago.....
or picking apples at the local orchard. It is there when we travel afar.....
like the balmy tropics.....and even farther a field to the place....
that gave us our favorite Daddy!! Forty shades of green is no hyperbole when talking about Ireland. This is my all time favorite picture of Patrick under an ancient gnarled tree on the lane up to the 'home place'.
The beautiful view from the family farm in Ireland!! From this rise straight across to the Gap of Dunloe you can see most every shade of green.
There was green in another distant destination too!!!
The land of eternal spring is how Guatemala is described and from the lush tropical cane fields on the coast to this view out our hotel room window in Guatemala City we were surrounded by green.
Our holiday brings out the green too!
Julia's first St. Patrick's day as a Tater Tot! My girls happily inform people that they are half Guatemalan and half Irish just to watch the looks on people's faces :)
By her second Paddy's Day she was enjoying the craziness too.
Now it's second nature! Too bad that this year the principal wouldn't relent and the mandatory uniforms had to be worn with the regalia.
We paraded and partied for four straight days and it has taken two full days to try and recover...because I had to work both of those days! I think I'm due a nice long soak in the hot tub.

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  1. Enjoy your soak in the tub!!!!
    That was cute reading that the girls tell people hey are half Guatemalan and half Irish!
    YOu have some beautiful pictures and of course the girls are beautiful too!

    Have a good weekend!