Sunday, April 11, 2010


Couldn't let the weekend end without squeezing in one last post!

After finishing the shadow box post I took on a 'new' huipil that Julia wanted to wear as part of her traje. The head openings on those  darn things are NEVER big enough for the girls' heads so I always need to open a seam and place snaps. As I worked on the 'horse' huipil that we found on e-Bay I noticed that it had food debris embedded in the embroidery designs?!?! So as soon as the snaps were in place I put it in the sink with Woolite. GAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Julia nearly lost it as we watched the water turn MUD BROWN! Thankfully it washed clean without any harm to the garment and Julia can rest assured that none of her allergies will go into hyper-drive from wearing it on Wednesday.

While I was struggling with the huipil, Auntie Peggy was struggling with technology! A batch of pictures she had taken at Deirdre's weekend dance competition never downloaded off her memory card?!?!? Luckily all was saved when Uncle Brian arrived with software to retrieve 'lost' pictures (:

Great balls o' fire it's Deirdre all done up!!!! How very different she looks in her stage make-up.


and acting her little heart out!!

With her BFF/Cousin at her side to cheer her on!!! Dance is definitely not in Julia's comfort zone but when it's her cousin up on stage she is all in!

Especially sweet when your team places!!!!!


  1. wow, she's a natural. did you make her costume? and Julia's shirt??

  2. Awesome, pretty sure Maya's recital won't go quite as smoothly but with her class there will be much laughing and see if any of them dance at all. I would have had a heartattack too, I realized after getting home that the only pictures I didn't have was the one that we took after getting back to my appartment after the embassy, yes my dad is very smart and was able to retrieve the corrupt files.