Monday, April 5, 2010

Now for a brief commercial interruption!

Still slogging through vacation pictures which I promise to get back to shortly! In the meantime, I had a request for a "boy's shirt" to coordinate with my Guatelinda dress that Maya so beautifully modeled in the last post. Since I don't have boys...or the need to shop and dress a boy I'm looking for a little help from the Moms of boys!! Could you check out the pictures below and leave me some constructive critique?

Did a little gardening in yesterday's gorgeous weather followed by sewing today leaving my back in a noisy state of protest! Back to work tomorrow....hope my back gets the message!


  1. well it is beautiful. not sure if a boy would think the yellow color is too bright or the sedign is too feminene, but I say it is beautiful! and very creative.

  2. I need one of these shirts for Isaiah. The only thing is...I don't really like the yellow design behind the Guatemala. Maybe just a bigger Guat flag behind the name?

  3. I'm wondering if you just cut out the guatemala part and layed it either on a white shirt or maybe blue or black and even sewed ot on there at an angle???? I don't know i dont' have boys either and its hard because they don't want to be girly.