Thursday, April 8, 2010

On Safaris and Sea Creatures

Back again, and not on track as usual but thought I'd give a 'sneak peek' of a couple of things I'll be putting on Etsy tonight after I get the homework duty accomplished.

The Guateguapo shirt is being problematic for me still. Standing alone I agree it needs to be 'more manly' but the problem is I have an order for a sibling set!! That means that the boy's shirt should really coordinate with his sister's dress....but the only fabric in the dress that isn't all flowers and lady bugs is the geometric I used in Guateguapo #1. Now I've done this up for the Mom to see with the idea being that I can just swap out the geometric for the stripe in the sister's dress and achieve a 'matching look'.

So this is Guateguapo #2!  Leah, I had originally leaned towards running it on a diagonal (like a soccer jersey design) so I think I'll use your suggestion as validation to go ahead and give it a try on Guateguapo #3.

Then, considering all the feed back I've been getting from the Moms of boys I'm going to try and push my comfort zone out a bit and try some sibling sets!
The biggest hurdle I'm running up against is finding cute fabrics that I can see used in both a feminine and masculine way!! Hopefully in time I can retrain my eye so that the girl's outfits don't get too tomboyish or the boy's outfits become too girlish!

So try #1 is this set inspired by a length of fabric I had laying around with sea creatures.

This pair are in size 5T and I'm going to list them as both a set or as individual pieces since I have more of this fabric. Once I got going on this set I 'saw' the potential in another piece of fabric I had on hand.

So try #2 are these whimsical safari/zoo animals. I'm thinking this theme would work at Animal Kingdom as well as the local zoo!!! This set is in 3T.

The food basket fund is getting low again so I'll be doing a lot of sewing these next couple of weeks in an effort to beef it up...pun intended.


  1. those sets are ebautiful! the fabrics work perfectly for the boy and the girl. love it love it.

  2. That is hard, matching things that are for differnt genders. Although they might have some that are Dora and Diego, curious George, Stars and moons, scooby doo all of these things are liked by both. I guess we will see how it turns out layed at an angle I think it will look good but without seeing it other then in my head I just don't know.
    The safari set is super cute! Maya has been wearing her Hello Kitty dress, with layers can't wiat for better weahter so she can actually wear them places other then in our warm house.

  3. I want the set at the bottom. I need Abbie a size 5 and Isaiah needs a 3t.
    I'm actually leaving first thing tomorrow and I will be MIA for a little over a week. I may pop in to check out some blogs but not guaranteed. So... go ahead and sell this one and I maybe you can make another set in a week or so? I also was want to order the matching Guatemala shirt for Isaiah that goes with the dress I got from you.

    Anyways, I'll check back with you in a week or so.

    Very Cute and I know the fabulous work you do!