Thursday, April 15, 2010

On Heritage and Hematomas!

End of the week and I'm getting my groove on finally! Been BUSY and trying to keep up while under the weather. 

So the first topic of today's post is regarding Julia's "heritage" days at school. She never ceases to amaze me at how hard she tries to meet everyone's expectations! Very sweetly the teacher allowed her to have first claim on a country to do her report....duh! All weekend she plugged away at her research and on Monday she started her 'note cards". Now the teacher had not specifically defined 'note cards' so we got creative! We printed off pictures from Google and laminated them with her 'script' on the backside. Then on Tuesday she called in the troops...literally called Auntie Peggy and the cousins over so she could have a "large" audience to practice in front of before having to go before her class.

On Wednesday I went over a little early to help her get on her traje.

Then it was all up to her!

She knocked it out of the park!

The teacher said it gave her 'goosebumps' to hear Julia speak about her birth country and was especially impressed that Julia chose to share her birth name. birth city, and a picture taken of her by her foster mom during Semana Santa showing her in front of an alfombra!

Now all that's left is the International Food Fest which is tomorrow's lunch at school! We tried out our recipes tonight....BANANAS DULCES ROCK!!!! These will be making a return visit! The rice and beans were okay but we're kind of a spuds family.

Now for the hematoma portion of tonight's post! Those of you with squeamish stomachs  need to leave now!! For the rest of you, I've been fighting a sore back lately and in a bid to banish it before a hectic work week I doubled down on the Naprosyn and Motrin...leaving me with one heck of a gastritis!! Feeling absolutely miserable I decided to see if the hot water and whirlpool jets would help.....and ended up more miserable!!!

In trying to stand up from the tub, my feet slipped out from under me and I instinctively put my arms out to flail...and they flailed alright! Right smack against the side of the tub!!!!! Now my stomach is recovered but my sore back has been joined by a sore arm. Oh, and I caught a cold during all of this too so my aching throat and chest congestion aren't appreciated. Something about that darn birthday has made me begin to feel reeeeeeeeeal old. 

Coming soon...lots of sewing pictures!! Added several more outfits to Etsy today! Yes, Lynda I'm working on finding fabric for a shirt for Peter! I'll be on that this weekend!!


  1. Ouch! That bruise looks painful!!

    I am so impressed with the effort Julia(and you) put into her presentation! What a smart young lady...she will do well in life. The dress is beautiful on her!!

    I know you will get to the fabric for rush!! Have a great weekend.

  2. ouwie. that must've really ouched. when hubby and I were stripping the wall paper in our master bath, I was standing on the edge of the tub to reach a high spot on the wall, and slipped and fell to the floor, and broke two ribs. so your injury is bad for sure but it coulda been worse, girl. does that make you feel better?
    I am truly amazed at Julia and her presenation. that must've been a very proud moment for you to see your little one up there telling her class all about her heritage. and I love that traje! and her guatemalan necklace.

  3. wow that is one impressive girl you have there! and what a wreck you had! just falling apart.
    So in taking your advice I have just added more stuff to my etsy shop but still working on the stationary and then will do a post on it. pictures of things aren't the greatest so might need to redo them but at least trying to expand. Hope you are feeling better soon and the bruising starts healing!

  4. Ouch!!!!! YOu bruise just like I do!
    I love the project and like Leah said...Julia's really is amazing!!! So mart and what great work!