Friday, April 9, 2010

It's me again!

Two posts in one day....must be the weekend!! C'mon, nothing really ever changes. The end of the week is clearly my most prolific blogging period as well noted on here!

Just had to take advantage of the sunshine today to get a snap of the latest dress that is finished. Lots in the works but this was the only one camera ready. Hope to have it on Etsy by tonight!

In the spirit of tying up loose ends.....

Ditto still lives!!!! This guy (gal who really knows with a fish??) is STURDY if not a tad psycho. He gobbles up food like there's no tomorrow and he's clearly growing but he 'paces' for lack of a better description. Back and forth, front to back in the tank over and over and over. Hyper too as he's always in constant treading or resting in place for Ditto! BTW, Salsa still lives too but I don't dare go in the tweener's room for fear getting lost in the disaster zone!


  1. the dress/top is adorable. i love black and white polka dots. so sweet. My daughter has too much stuff right now or I'd snap it up! amazing that the fish still are alive. that says alot for your girls taking responsibility for them, unless you're the one who has to feed them?

  2. Suz, I still am interested in a Guatemala tee shirt for Peter but could I see some other background fabrics for it>? In size 3T...thanks!