Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pictures O'Plenty

Hmmm....let's see just where did I leave off?


Rockin' Rollercoaster!!!!!!!!

Auntie Peggy (who took 3/4 of these pictures!!) has developed a quick focus and snap technique to assure we get a copy of those action shots taken on the rides so we don't have to buy the over-priced product pushed by Disney. 


This time it was Julia screaming her head off!!! I have always loved this ride. We saw some parades and stunt shows and rode a couple other rides before we called it a day. So as we left we decided on one last 'memory' shot.


A little known fact (to me anyhow) is that those photographers who roam the entrances to the parks will take your picture with YOUR camera if you just ask!!!!  The teen did draw her line in the sand on this pose which was deemed "cheesy" while poor Julia (suffering mightily from allergies to all the pollen!!) just plain old missed the directions.

We then headed to Downtown Disney to have the first of my 'birthday' dinners at Planet Hollywood. They did manage to slip the manager my particulars and I was ever so lucky to see my name AND AGE flashed up on the two-story video screen as we ate....oh joy. No real great pictures taken there but one humorous little note.....

Alyssa, upon receiving her dinner drink in this plastic kiddie cup wryly remarked, "I'm almost old enough to drive but I still get served in kiddie cups?!?!?!?" The trials of being petite...or as she describes herself, 'fun sized'.

The convenience of having your own car meant that we could drive over to Orlando and back again the same day! This allowed for us to be up and at the beach the very next morning.


Andrew was well aware of the water temperature and wisely watched Mari and Alyssa venture out. At least it was sunny.

Peggy has this great feature on her camera that allows you to get a series of action shots in fraction of a second intervals with just one push of the button. This series says it all about their brief dip in the Gulf.



Yeah, after that there was a lot of sunning and NO swimming!

Usually we are at Grandpa's house for Easter. This year the schedule just wouldn't allow for that so we 'pretended' that Palm Sunday was Easter. That meant that after the beach it was time to dye the eggs.

Missing someone are we???
Mari was way more interested in the book she had brought with than eggs!

Tradition then dictates we take the 'posing with the basket' shot...

but while waiting to stage the shot they were typical teen/tweens...

Since there are still hundreds more pictures to sort through and upload to Blogger I thought I'd finish up here with a few shots of tonight's 'real' Easter egg dye event.

Pretty typical of how my attempts at recording 'memories' are going these days! Sweet is not a word I can expect to hear anymore when I show off pictures of these two!!!!!

Speaking of sweet however,

could Maya be any cuter?!?!?  Thanks Leah for sending me these shots of Maya in her new Guatelinda dress! I've got them up on Etsy already.


  1. you all had a great vacation and birthday celebration. your eggs turned out much nicer than ours. the water looks beautiful! and Maya is a dollsie in the beautiful dress you made.

  2. boy its good that you have aunt Peggy! I also love the continues shoot on my camera that way you can pick the one that you want or have a whole series. I will try and take better pictures, although I must say I would guess that the people who are buying dresses arent' probably looking at her face more at the dress, and the dress looks beautiful. I really love the colors!
    Those are the best pictures, and looks like one fabulous vacation, the driving part sounds awful, but I get motion sickness, otherwise maybe part of it could be fun, wither a car full of teenagers I'm sure its plenty interesting.