Monday, April 26, 2010


Had another typical "Mom" weekend here. You know, the kind where everyone else has 77 commitments but Mom get's to do all the work?!?!? Saturday was a blur. Lucky for me the family photographer [aka Auntie Peggy] was present for part of the day so I actually have some pictures to post. Then came Sunday....which was off to a similar start as Saturday but which took a quick turn...but more on that later in the post!

Soccer season is baaaaack. The storms I prayed for never materialized and yet again I got to sit out in a drizzle.

At least it was only for one game as Mari had/has succumbed to the bad bug that took up residence in our house this spring. Julia [and her team] did great and we left the field in high spirits and on two wheels...because she had ten minutes to be to a birthday party at Build-A-Bear!! While she was partying I had to get home and supervise showers and dressing for a 1st Communion party. [Julia had done a sponge down with baby wipes and dressed in the car on the way to the party!] Trying to be King Solomon I had made arrangements with the birthday party family to pick Julia up a little early and with my cousin to arrive at her son's 1st Communion party a little late.

The 1st Communion party was in a town way out west about an hour from our home so the usual suspects all car my van! Grandma, Auntie Peggy, the BFF/Cousins, and us all piled in and flew out the highway.

The honoree was already in play clothes and waiting for us to arrive so he could dive into the cake!

Lots of playing was involved!

Mari got in touch with her youth again!

Then we all got back in the van to go home...except somehow the BFF/Cousins ended up sleeping over....again! So Sunday morning dawns with a house full of hungry girls and it looks like I'm doomed to another day of chasing all over kingdom come to keep up with the activities of the girls. Many, many chocolate chip pancakes later and I'm hearing the early rumblings of "I'm bored"! It's still drizzling so pushing them out to play is not an option....though puddle jumping is a favorite activity  I just didn't need to give our bug guest an open invitation to spread!!!!! When {cue the music} the FUNNER Aunt Peggy calls...and they convince the FUNNER Aunt Peggy that they needed to go to her house anything. Anything but stay home with the BORING Aunt Suz.....I could hardly take the insult.....NOT!!!!! I had them packed off in a nanosecond and savored the BORING quiet of an empty house.

No playing with food coloring and frosting for me!

No having to watch butter cream turn green...

or pink....

or chocolate brown!

No having to look at crumb filled faces or try and get those crumb filled faces to march into the bathroom for a wash! But most importantly......

NO sink full of dirty dishes to wash!!!!!!  Hmmmm, wonder what the FUNNER Auntie is doing next weekend???


  1. I like funner aunt Peggy, how nice for you to have one so you can send your kids there!!!!
    You knwo I get excited about things like soccor then realize tha tI will also be sitting outside in the cold. I remember my mom would get so cold at my riding lesson that she couldn't get warm and would have to take a warm bath, Finally my dad had to take me one time and boy after that he was on it with having the stove going for her to warm up. I never understood I wasnt' cold I had been riding.

  2. hahaha. very funny. it's nice to get a breather once in a while.

  3. Gotta love Auntie Peggy!! I so wish I had a sister like her or one at all LOL!!

  4. funny! You guys always have such great times together!