Friday, April 23, 2010

Busy Bad Bug

How such a microscopic bug can cause such major havoc I cannot say?!?!? Timing was horrible...though is there ever a 'good' time to invite the germs in? Spring means the impending close of the school year which means all of the procrastinating principals are suddenly trying to fit us into the schedule. Unfortunately for me, all of the worst offenders are schools at the complete opposite end of the county from where I live and the ones with the students at highest risk!!!! So while I should have been home nursing myself back to health I was on the road every morning to a school FULL of needy children. 

Needless to say I've not been a prolific photographer or blogger during this illness...something had to give?!?!? So, even though the mucous still runs and the couching is incessant, I am back in my weekend cycle of posting.

  Etsy has been very interesting. I'm flattered by the number of sales I've had in such a short time BUT I've also found an annoying negative side to that site! Seems that there are an awful lot of women who do nothing but surf the shops looking for ways to scam free items for themselves!!! I've had every pitch under the sun from people trying to 'convince' me that my shop just NEEDS their 'services' to be successful and in return I should sew outfits for their kids for free....really! Now the fact that my shop banner spells out how I've opened this venture to raise funds to supply Mari's first family with a regular food delivery doesn't seem to mean anything to them. I guess they think the shop keeper in Guatemala gives away the food for nothing??? Any how, I'm making up a standard form letter response to send off to the scammers so I don't have to spend precious sewing time writing to them individually. Here are a few of the items that I've sold recently.

Julia's school had their "Brag Night" last night. It's basically an open house to let the families come in and see what they've been working on in class. Julia's class is now deep in a poetry lesson and I am very impressed!! She had several excellent Haiku and short poems that were (IMHO) excellent! The tweens/teen had fun pretending to be back in 3rd grade.

 Like we're falling for the "I'm reading" line!?!?

 Alyssa 'fit' in a little too well for her liking!!!

Don't you love the loving sisterly look????

But of course Auntie Peggy was there!!!!

Yes, the perky YOUNG teacher was there to answer any questions.

Then we headed out for the first DQ run of the season! Now I know that some of my southern readers are wondering what I mean so I'll explain:

Selling ice cream from a stand during the winter, in Chicago, where it's below freezing for days on like trying to sell firewood in Hades! Our DQ stands close every fall and reopen in the spring so the opening week in the spring has become another one of the signs that summer must be near!!!

Found out my camera doesn't like to work in the cold...or is it the operator?

Rare appearance of cousin Daniel on the blog!!
Sharing AND shivering...see Patrick in the back ground?!?! It was a tad chilly last night I have to admit but c'mon the DQ stand was open again!!!

Time to go find another lozenge to suck on! Forecasting rain/storms for the weekend...sadly I'm hoping for lightening since tomorrow is waaaaay over scheduled and I'd love NOT to have to sit in the rain watching soccer...bad Mom award coming my way, I know!


  1. aren't there pics I've seen on this blog of you sitting in bad weather through a soccer game last season? yes, we're getting rain too this weekend. those are very cute outfits! love the dinosaurs one especially. we just went for the DQ run last weekend but our DQs don't close during the winter. looks like julia was having the cherry dipped, which is our favorite here -- all three of us get the cherry dipped! feel better soon.

  2. so our DQ's go all year I've never heard of such a thing them shutting down? cute outfits!!!!!! how strange maybe you could just not bother to email them back or maybe add a note at the bottom to reinforce that you aren't looking to trade anything sinc eyou are (once again) trying to provide monthly food for a family in need. I"m goign to guess it will change nothing though. good luck and get and stay well.

  3. Yummy DQ!!!!
    I'm not surprised about everyone hounding you at your Etsy site. So sad!

    By the way whenever you get around to boys Guatemala shirts. Count me in for a 4t.