Saturday, April 17, 2010

Golden Ticket

Heading off to bed after a very looooong day! Thought I'd just throw a few pictures up so I don't get too far behind in my posting.

This is going to be a series of posts in reverse chronological order! Starting with the most recent event from which we have just come in the door ....the opening night of Mari's acting debut!!! Now, I realize she is starting at the bottom but she is the 'star' in our eyes thus the deficit of other actors in these pictures!

 Oompa Loompa dupati dee look at our Mari!!!!!

 Julia so sweetly took Mari's favorite candy bar and made a 'custom' wrapper...she even slid a golden ticket inside wishing her good luck.

 The crowds gathered....

 but of course the cousins were there too! Mairead was a little camera shy tonight but both she and Deirdre were there to cheer the chocolatier on.

 BFF was also on stage with Mari which made it even sweeter...sick pun, I know (:

There's my baby up in lights!!!!!!

 This girl has always  been able to strut those wigs! Green now joins the orange, pink, and red in the dress up bin.

I'm thinking someone better go check the prop room?!?!?!? Really hard to settle the sugar highs down for bed but an 8:30 am soccer game is the first thing on tomorrow's schedule so now even I'm off to bed!


  1. adorable! break a leg Mari! she looks like she's a natural up on stage. and the costumes are awesome.

  2. what a fun play to do! I bet it was wonderful, and sweet too, ha ha!