Monday, May 18, 2009

Celebrate Good News...C'MON!!!

Warning: to fully understand this post I recommend you take a moment to scroll down and read the post from earlier this afternoon........ Now welcome back! The party was not actually at my house after all. The emotions ran so high that it became clear that a celebration had to include Julia's all time favorite meal. Our resident medical expert, Nurse/Auntie Peggy who is also the godmother of the 'patient' drove down to collect us for a trip in her convertible to Outback! (As an aside it began to rain AGAIN just as we piled in so the top was firmly in place...bummer!) Okay I'm guilty as charged! When I should have been pumping out a little Disney outfit to sell for food basket funds I decided to make a scrub top for the running of the Belmont Stakes which I knew she'd want to wear the instant she saw it...and she did! The shoemaker's child deserves an occasional item.....don't you think?
Toasting to the good news with her favorite racing buddy!
Guess I should also mention that mac-n-cheese rates closely with horses as an obsession and Outback's is her all time favorite!
When the karma is flowing it's really flowing!! Amazing how focused the concentration and how steady the hand when life is good!!!
Even the picture above our booth was serendipitous!(Photo courtesy of Mari and her butter smeared fingers which tried to wipe a crumb off the lens!)
Speaking of karma, remember this picture?
Guatemala City, Super Bowl Sunday 2001 and the face plant of a excessively fatigued three year old Mari......
and life repeats itself, sort of. Mari has been burning the candle from both ends in the past couple of days and in an effort to get her homework done before the cock crows she brought it along to the restaurant. She never quite fell asleep tonight but it was a rather long 'moment of concentration' :)


  1. LOVE the scrub top!! It was well deserved!

  2. ahhh, that is so cute and what a grand way to celebrate, love love love the scrub. She definitely deserves it!!!