Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time for Tag?

One of those crazy OVER-committed days!! Since I sort of promised Leslie over at that I'd post after she sucker tagged anyone reading her blog yesterday I am throwing this on quick! Worked all day in the poorest school district in the county and then flew home to snag Mari from patrol guard so we could gulp down a quick dinner. Now they are hustling through homework so we can get to "B.R.A.G." night at her new school and when it ends Patrick and I have to dash over to the Junior High for new 'parent' orientation night. 8 things I'm looking forward to: 1)Patrick's Birthday (May 13th) 2)Family Reunion Picnic (June 28th) 3)MoGuate (Aug 7-9th) 4)July 4th Fireworks 5)Summer vacation/sleeping in!!! 6)First tomato crop from our new family garden. 7)(long term) Retirement :)!!! 8)(very long term!!) Grandchildren :)!!! 8 things I wish I could do: 1)Find both birth families and have the resources to visit, house, and feed them! 2)Be a SAHM with 'hired help'! 3)Have a subscription to the Chicago Lyric Opera every season...or at least be able to sing a note or two on key?!?! 4)See the 'alps'....Swiss and/or New Zealand!!!! 5)Buy my husband's family farm in Ireland and build a vacation home in the highest field! 6)Swim and snorkel in as many coral reefs as possible WITHOUT burning to a crisp!! 7)Take my girls to a different country/culture every school vacation and become citizens of the world. 8)Draw freehand! 8 shows I enjoy: 1)Amazing Race 2)Ace of Cakes 3)Nancy Grace 4)Chimp Eden 5) Antique's Roadshow 6) Colbert Report 7)Good Eats 8) Anything on MSNBC or CNN! Now all who read this..... consider yourself TAGGED!


  1. Very interesting stuff! I told Leslie I would so this one too! Maybe tonight!

  2. It would be fun to compare doing this once or twice a year and see how or if it changed! I think back on how I would have answered those questions even five years ago!!!
    Fun to read...........

    Thinking of you.