Thursday, May 28, 2009

Soooo old!

I have never hidden the fact that I am OLD! I know I am OLD. After today I'm thinking I will have to use another adjective to describe just how old I am! It started this morning when the "hip" OLD lady that I am jumped onto her Facebook account. There were several of my 'friends' commenting on the results of their latest quiz..."Which 80's Show Character Are You?"....and I didn't know any of the characters!!! Hmmmm, let's see...the 80's...hmmm why don't I know these shows or characters? Well I was in college for the first two years of the 80's and four years of dental school followed college and cracking the books was a priority but I wasn't a complete hermit!!!!! Then my niece came over after school to help me in the salt mine for some pocket change. Since she is usually subjected to my cable news addiction I let her have control of the remote today. Alyssa has a GREAT work ethic which I hope may someday become contagious to my two ladies!(and yes we still need sweatshirts!! we are losing hope that summer will ever come!) The steady hum of the serger accompanied the very witty dialogue of a show of which I had never seen. After quite a few chuckles I just had to ask her what we were watching and you'd think I had asked her the most ludicrous question ever with her response!!! "C'mon, Aunt Suz you're kidding me right?" I was not kidding. "Aunt Suz, this is the Gilmore Girls! I've been watching it since 5th grade and you've really never seen it before?" So there it is! I am officially a senior citizen. Geriatric, for sure! Maybe even ancient?


  1. Your only as old as you feel girl!!! Therefor.....I'm old too!!!!

  2. LMAO your niece sounds like my kids!!!!! I dont think we are old at all!!! ARE WE? LOL


  3. Hmmmm, did you HAVE to remind me that I'm also in that category (LOL yea, the SC one!!)
    Happy weekend! Hope the warmth finds you soon.