Monday, May 11, 2009

When Positive is a Negative!

Well my Facebook friends already know this information but for my blog buddies..... Julia is sick AGAIN!! At first I thought she was just trying for some extra cuddle time but when she fell asleep on me in the midst of her cousins I knew it was serious! Guess I was pretty wiped too, huh? Such a flattering angle?!?!? Nice shot Mari, you got a good one here. Anyhow, on with the is becoming her modus operandi we medicated her at bedtime and she bounced bright as a penny out of bed this morning. Since the thermometer read 98.6 I sent her off to school...again. This time, however, I called and lined up an appointment with the pediatrician as a follow up to the pre-Communion strep. When I left work I called to confirm with the school that she would be ready for an early pick up and they said most definitely as they had noticed her getting lethargic and she had declined her lunch!!! Julia NEVER turns down food, EVER!!!!!....except the last time she had pneumonia....which followed an asthma attack cluster...which was induced by a series of STREP INFECTIONS!!!!
So here we are again in her pediatrician's office awaiting the results of yet another strep test and this time she decided to have a nice 102 fever ready for the reading(I've bought a new thermometer!).....always a nice feeling to know your child went to school sick. Waiting for a renewal prescription because we've blown through her inhaler this month, or should I say we sucked in a whole inhaler this past month. Well the doctor did us one better when he not only arrived with prescriptions for Duricef and albuterol inhaler in hand but two referral cards to boot! Seems she has hit the threshold and must now see a pediatric pulmonologist for the allergy/asthma cycle AND ......YEAH, YEAH, YEAH she is finally going to an ENT for a tonsils/adenoids consult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so past time for those tonsils to hit the road. This is the third positive strep in two months and the eigth in fourteen months and we do not own stock in pharmaceuticals!
This would be the smile that appeared after he gave her the 'no school for 24 hours' direction...Mom did not sport the same.

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  1. Oh, poor Julia. What a total bummer. Sure hope everything goes well with the appointments. Sending big hugs to Julia :-)