Friday, May 8, 2009

Fresh From the Mine!

It's amazing what one can accomplish when they've had a full night's sleep and an unscheduled day off!! Due to a staggering number of conflicts with end of the year events at the school in which I was to work today coupled with the huge absence rate due to the swine flu panic among the 98% Mexican student body, the health department decided to reschedule our clinic for Monday. Feeling the need to get back on track earning money for the food baskets we supply to Mari's birth family I got back into the salt mine this morning. Using Mairead and Deirdre's up coming Disney vacation as incentive I put together a few tops.(That and many, many loads of laundry!!!) The Mouse House colors are used in these 'sisters' tops. I'm hoping to master Photobucket or Flicker tonight so I can resize the jpeg file in order to get my Etsy store up and running. If and when I do I will be putting a link on my sidebar to the right.
They both wanted the iconic mouse head to sport a red and white polka dot bow as Minnie!!
Mairead is a Tinkerbelle fanatic but a little too 'mature' for a lot of the commercially produced products. I'm thinking of reworking the elastic waistband but will wait to try it on her before ripping it apart.
The sun had a very limited visit today as yet again the storm clouds blew in from the west! Hoping Julia's soccer practice is over before these let loose with all their fury!!!! Thinking I might need to check out the canoe's over a Dick's Sporting Goods......


  1. I want those minnie dresses!!!!! Your a talent!


  2. Those are gorgeous Suzanne. What talent you have, send some my way!!!
    Hoping you have a very wonderful Mother's Day.