Monday, May 18, 2009

Neigh Away!!!

Long time readers of my blog may have seen it mentioned once or twice about how insanely crazy Julia is for horses. Please do not think I'm exaggerating!! Consumed is another word one might be inclined to use when discussing Julia and horses. Then there is this other little aspect of her life that 'consumes' Mom.....Julia is an allergy induced asthmatic. In the past we did some limited allergy testing due to insurance constraints so we knew about the dog and dust mite allergies but we have long held our breath as to the date and time when we would be forced to test for an allergy to horses!!! Keeping that little factoid in mind...Julia is finally EIGHT years old. A critical age in Illinois for a horse lover who does not own or lease a horse. You see the liability laws in our state do NOT allow children under eight to ride a rental horse!! In celebration of her attaining her eighth birthday we signed her up for HORSE CAMP, WOOHOOO!!! Then this spring Julia's asthma has gone haywire....... At fourteen months she had a FIT until I let her sit on this pony!!
Sublime happiness in her horse attire.
Several Halloween costumes have had a horse theme.
Nothing made this two year old Julia happier than pony rides!
Her bedroom is horsey even down to the green 'pasture' on her floor where a girl can pretend to be the stallion of a past life.
My jockey wannabe watches all the horse racing televised and when none is listed she settles for the PBR.
Everywhere we go she senses the presence of horses...equine radar we call her ability!
While we mostly have ridden in Florida, Julia is sure we should move to Tennessee or Texas because somehow she thinks it's a little girl's birth right to own a horse in those states!
"If I close my eyes and wish hard enough maybe I'll find one like this in my garage?!?!"
Well the day came last week when the blood had to be drawn for the comprehensive allergy testing so we can try to wrestle this season's asthma to the ground. All I can say is...........
Party's at our house tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is a God in heaven looking over this child!!!! The test for horses came back NEGATIVE!
Now for the hard part, we live in suburbia where trees are relished and lawns are a source of pride, where children all play sports, and there's a pet in every home so I wonder where we will need to move to get away from her off the chart allergies to oak, elm, birch, box elder, GRASS, cats, and dogs??????????????????? I'm sure when she comes in from school and hears this news Julia will say, "Who cares!! I'm free to ride horses!!!!!"
Funny aside: She's also NOT allergic to hampsters or cock roaches either. No way, no how either of those will become pet options :)


  1. ROFL!! I'll have to send her one of those HUGE hissing cockaroaches we seen at the zoo once!!

    I'm SO glad she's free to ride horses!! WOOHOOO!!!

  2. too funny and I am so incredibly happy for Julia. We are unfortunately allergic to those hampsters and cockroaches and everything else but hey, you roll with the punches, right!!!! HOping things go well and Julia is able to find some common ground in her interests!!!!