Saturday, May 16, 2009

A UFO sighting!!!!

Apologies to any south Texas readers who may find this whine fest an affront. Unlike you who have had no measurable rainfall this spring, we have had clouds and rain for 21 of the past 24 days. The creeks and rivers are edging up over their banks and the spring soccer season has been a wash....LITERALLY! The temperatures have broken into the 70's only twice this spring and except for the Irishman, who's feeling right at home, we are all starting to go crazy with 40's and 50's day in and day out. I surf your blogs and envy the little girls in sundresses and boys playing Little League and drive myself even crazier. I'm thinking that an engineer who can design a 'green' system to even off the weather extremes would be one wealthy person! The family garden has progressed no's under water! There have been some serious discussions of having the main crop be RICE! The winter generated muffin tops are as big as ever since the bicycles and soccer balls are spending their spring in the garage. The planned paint job for the garage is on an indefinite hold and my spring annuals are starting to show signs of being root bound in their cell packs. Sigh.................. Work has been frantically busy since all the schools are trying to get us in before summer breaks begin so I've been long absent from the salt mine. The monthly food basket for Mari's birth family will soon be delivered so I need to get serious about getting my Etsy store up and running. The bit of money I make sewing goes to the tiendita that supplies Josefa and Manuel with the food baskets and the account is getting low!! So last night I burned the midnight oil and got two items done. As I went outside to get the best light possible for photographing the items I saw a UFO! Since my neighbors would be sure to doubt me I made sure to get a good photograph of the bright orb in the sky............ I'm hoping the authorities can help us in the mid-west identify this strange burning light that briefly appeared in our morning skies!!
My last Autism outfits brought a lot of enquiries for additional styles and sizes so I did this up for a custom order. The brother had been the 'winner' of one of the ones I had listed on eBay and little sister wanted her own Mickey dress done in the puzzle material. I have the supplies to make an additional one in size 6/6x if anyone is interested. It's $20 which includes the shipping within the US.
I'm starting a big push to use some of the denim I received from Rhonda and Vanessa to do patriotic outfits. This one's tag says XS but it's too small to be a Junior/Ladies XS and too big to be a Girl's XS so Julia is going to try it on and I'm going to 'guestimate' the actual size from the measurements and comparison to Julia's size. I hope to have it on eBay by tomorrow but if anyone wants to save the feeBay costs let me know! I'm thinking it looks like a girl's 8-10 but I'll know later tonight....after the Preakness...because Julia is too consumed by all the horse racing coverage on TV today to stop to try on the overalls. (Update: after our girl won the Preakness, Julia tried these on and they are a girl's 7/8!!)
All my denim will feature a few appliques along with ruffles and trim to 'cutify' the piece.
Lame, huh?!?! You'd think I would have noticed I forgot to turn the photo before loading it onto the blog!!! Anyhow, this is a back shot to show how I 'cutified' the pockets. Now back into the mine to see how much more I can get done before the UFO is scheduled to return.


  1. you're outfits are incredibly cute'Suzanne and I have a few overalls to tend to you.. I am glad you are able to use the overalls.


  2. I too am glad you're getting use out of the things I sent!! That autism outfit is ADORABLE!! Are you going to be doing up any similar ones with various prints?? How about some pillowcase dresses?? It's HOT as you know what down here so I need some barely there clothing for the girls!