Sunday, May 17, 2009


My brain is not co-operating tonight!!!! The crazy work schedule coupled with Julia's doctoring and miserable weather has put it in hyper-drive. Patrick tries his best to talk me down but since we've not yet found my 'off switch' here I sit surfing the web. I should be sewing but the machines are right under Julia's bedroom so in an effort to be quiet I'm on-line instead. This has been a life long condition so you'd think I'd have some coping mechanisms in place?!? The worst of this is that I'll probably drop with just an hour or two left before we have to get up and running on another manic day! The girls are running in a charity 1K race tomorrow morning. Then we have a birthday luncheon in a town about an hour away. A timely exit must be made from the party in order to be back home for a Girl Scout awards ceremony. I've already declined the post-ceremony dinner in anticipation of our emotional exhaustion! ...and the weather still s**ks!!!!! A FROST warning is in effect for tonight!! I mean really, is spring ever going to come??????? Just posting two pictures of Julia and Deirdre from earlier today. The running of the Preakness today got Julia's equine juices running and the two were compelled to play cowgirl! Better watch your step around this cowgirl as she's packing heat! This child watches too many movies, for sure!!!
Night and day! Cowgirl Deirdre must sport jewelry (thanks Miss Vanessa for the cool Mardi Gras beads!!!) while my desperado sports the black hat and ever ready pistol!


  1. Glad it's getting some good use!

  2. That's awesome that the girls get into horse racing, As I kid, we always went to the races and I loved it as well!

    The girls look cute all dressed up!

  3. How awesome with the horse racing and I can soooo relate to the insomnia :-( Hope our brains can find a "shut off" button! COME on Spring, get over there and thaw you out!