Friday, May 15, 2009

FFF- Bloopers

Wow! A theme right up my alley! You see, as the world's biggest tech. wreck, I have a bunch of photos that should have been deleted already but I'm only just getting to that part of the tutorial :)!! I'm usually too busy laughing at the funny bloopers to remember to catch them on film so the few I've posted here fall into the "Bloopers made by Mom not knowing how to work a camera" category. Veeeery upsetting here as this was taken during a very short visit we were able to have with Mari's 'brother'. Benjamin and Mari were both raised by the same foster mother for the first two years of their lives so while they are not biological siblings the bond is special. He was adopted by a family who lived about 2hrs away up until last year....when we lost contact after Merrill Lynch terminated the adoptive parents' jobs. He and his family are in our prayers!!
Okay, so one funny one! The context for those not lucky enough to witness the event is as follows; Take one Irish farm boy and plant him in the concrete jungle of an American megalopolis for forty years. Then let same farm boy go 'home' for a visit and watch how sissified he has become when it comes to flooded lanes. Yep, Patrick was so determined to go up the lane to revisit a favorite boyhood place but since he no longer owns a pair of 'Wellies' he resorted to a couple of plastic shopping bags to keep those tender toes dry!!!
So I have a problem with outdoor shots taken in the dark!!! This was supposed to be of all the kids watching some fireworks being blown off for New Year's while on one of our sojourns south to Sarasota. The scene had all the necessary snow, kids in holiday head gear, pretty fireworks but lacked the right camera setting!!!!!!
"C'mon Mom! The wind is messing our hair, the pollen from the beautiful background flowers is setting off Julia's eyes, and the sun is blinding me! Do you really need this shot???" Mari probably didn't word it exactly like that but the sentiment is the same!!
I really meant for it to turn out this way....really!! See it's our 'tradition' to have blurry, light streaked portraits taken every New Year at midnight. I think there's a resolution in there....sorry for the pun!


  1. Okay, I love the bag idea! Smart man!
    My pictures look the same at night!

  2. The photo of Patrick is WAY too funny!!

  3. toooooo funny! Love the bag invention!