Saturday, May 23, 2009

Too much of a good thing?

It is simply impossible to resist the lure of our current weather! It has been a couple of days with minimal precipitation and temperatures above 65 so we are hoping that summer is thinking of coming for it's annual visit. The big problem with this weather is the timing! You see with the holiday weekend upon us there are an endless supply of invitations to choose from and the good weather means we are 'choosing' to do too many!!! Mark my word ...there will be a post coming soon chronicling the inevitable crash and burn. Meanwhile, today's agenda went from leisurely to full speed in the blink of an eye. I finished up four little items to get up on eBay. Size 3T Cars summer set.
Size 3T patriotic themed cutified coveralls.
2T/3T Tinkerbelle pillowcase dress.
A 2T patriotic themed cutified denim jumper.
Last weeks items didn't move as I had hoped and I'm very frustrated with myself that I cannot get an Etsy storefront up and going since I paid about as much in fees to eBay as I made on the sales! I just resent sitting in front of the computer trying to make heads or tails of 'html' and file sizes when I could/should be in front of the sewing machine!! I know I'd never have the traffic that eBay gives but what good is it to pay for a bunch of 'watchers' but no bidders? The economy isn't helping either! At the very least I need to get off my hiney and follow up on leads you guys gave me on having my sewing blog set up so I can get rid of 'fees' altogether!! I also take custom orders! Drop an email to Muingapat at sbcglobal dot net and I can discuss styles and prices!
After snapping the above photos, Julia and I got all out patriotic outdoor decor out and in place. Then we all went over to Grandma's yard to see if the rumor of it now being above water was indeed true.
Now high and dry we spent HOURS clearing weeds and turning over the first strip of land for tomatoes. As the heat of the day built, the next door neighbors came out of hibernation and played in their waaaay over the top built-in pool while we dripped sweat. That's their pool house in the background. Had a great discussion with the girls, while we weeded, about the disparity in income and therefore lifestyles. Mari was having a LOT or trouble staying on task until we discussed in depth the realities of her birth family's life working the sugar cane fields of Guatemala. I could just see the chrysalis moment when it dawned on her that had her family not made the choice to place her for adoption that she would now be out in a blazing hot cane field with precious little in her belly to boot.
So with a chive blossom behind her ear, she stepped up her pace and worked until we realized what else was going on today.......
the park district opened the public pools!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just the cure for hot, sweaty little girls! I know some of you are probably close to picking your tomatoes already but we just had a frost last week so ours will go in sometime this week...we hope!
The littlest one was the first one to go off the high dive this year! The drop slide is super fun as well and we are looking forward to many more days this summer giving them a good work out!
Mari is going to try and get over the need to plug her nose this year! I'm going to try and get over the fact that my baby is looking so mature in her bikini!!!!
So we finished off with a late dinner and movie but as they went off to bed they were already asking about tomorrow's agenda! I've had to pull out and polish off my best "we'll see" response!!! Maybe a hint of rain wouldn't be such a bad thing after all.


  1. OHHHH those are some gorgeous girls!!! beauty!

    I love your outfits...i love the flag outfit!! how do i get one?

  2. What fun and gorgeous outfits Suz. LOVE seeing the girls and them having so much fun at the pool. Gotta love water slides!

  3. What creative and fun outfits!!!! The pool looks so good!!!! I just wish the water was warmer for me!!!!:)