Monday, July 13, 2009

Big B, little b, what begins with B?

Busy, babies, Bambi! B! B! B! So why am I suddenly acting like Dr. Seuss? Slap happy plain and simple..... Neck deep in sequins and velvet trying to meet a dancing costume deadline that HAS TO BE MET but clearly too little time left to meet it and still get regular sleep or meals. The stress level was already reaching critical when Bambi decided to slam into Patrick's front seat. So yes, I will admit to a 'meltdown' and might even go so far as to call it a dramatic over-reaction. I have NO TIME to sit on hold with insurance companies and, even though I have no pressing engagements, I'm feeling stranded without my van (which Patrick has at work)! Then there's the stinking reality that we need to go car shopping. Not that the sedan was totalled. Far from it but it is 14 years old with a long list of this was probably the nail in it's coffin! I'm sure I can push that off until after the dress is delivered but Patrick will be on my case every minute until he gets WHEELS, sigh. Could have used every minute of this past weekend to sew but duty called elsewhere.... New little cousin Gavin celebrated his baptism on Saturday! Finally another boy!!! We are extremely over-populated with little girls in our family and the boys were very happy to get another player on their team. Beautiful weather for the outdoor party and the well HEATED POOL kept my ladies entertained for hours upon hours....leaving me time to sit and visit with my family.
Deirdre and Julia loved showing off the Disney character outfits I made to all the Aunts! Julia resisted the halter at first...thought it was too 'girly' but quickly realized how comfortable it was especially on a warm day :) Can you believe how much bigger the Guatemalan born lady is compared to her American born cousin?!?!? Poor Deirdre is looking like she is going to be joining Alyssa in the 'fun sized' category.
Even though we would have loved a good sleep in on Sunday, we had to be up bright and early to make sure we had time to travel up to ANOTHER baptism!!
This one was more of a dressy affair! That's Patrick's sister, Aunt Margaret, in the back ground which would rightly lead you to guess that this one was in his family. Patrick was where in this picture??? Yep, I got to represent our family at HIS family's celebration because he had to work on Sunday. It's really not as bad as that sounds though! You see, this baby is the 8th grandchild for my brother-in-law and his wife....Auntie Agnes....the one who introduced me to Patrick! I was family before I was family!!!
Little Sophia Rose with her mother, the 'big' Deirdre, and her grandma, Auntie Agnes.
My two ladies waiting patiently for baby Sophia to wake up so they could have their chance to hold her. The calm, serene baby had hollered her head off the whole ceremony giving those of us sitting in the pews a big smile. Take a good look because I cannot even begin to guess when you'll ever see Julia in another dress :)!!!
So, think I've been procrastinating long enough? I just hate the 'night shift' in the salt mine so you'd think I'd learn not to let deadlines get so out of hand???


  1. OMG your girls look gorgeous! DONT TELL julie but she is soooo girly in that dress!! HA!

    You have a great looking family!


  2. Tell Julia I think the dress is cute, but I would have to agree they're only for very special occassions!! I think she may have a little too much southerner blood in her to be a true northerner!! LOL!!!
    I LOVE the Cars top too!

  3. Holy moly girl, you have too much going on! I sooooo loved those disney outfits you made Julia and her cousin,cute, cute , cute! They both looked just stunning in their dresses (even if Julia hates dresses)!!! Gorgeous sleeping baby too. Good luck with the outfit this week and even more so if you end up car shopping, oh I so hate that chore and the cost even more!