Monday, July 27, 2009

Smacked down!

Amazing how just as you start to throw down shots and sing karioke at your own pity party that the 'big guy' steps in to shut the party down cold!! If you noticed the button to the right----------> It sends you to find out how little Abby is doing and after reading today's post you will find that my life is beyond blessed!!! Abby is another precious gift from Guatemala who is in a titanic battle with leukemia. She's a pure fighter. Please join me in praying that she has the fight left in her for the current crisis!! Off to put away the Jose Cuervo.....


  1. Funny how God teaches us lessons when we least expect them. I've had a few of those aha moments too, when I think it's all about me and my particular situation and bam, Gos gives me a teachable moment. it's humbling but it helps us put things in perspective in our own lives. (I'm praying for Abby), and hope you are doing well.