Sunday, July 26, 2009

In the groove!

My Diva and I seem to directly affect each other's creativity! The longer she's out of school and the more I sew the'artistic' she gets. Her imagination is lithe and fluid and I cannot even count the number of 'books' she has written on my computer. If she could only get over her profound inhibition and performance anxiety I'm sure she could be the next Lucille Ball!!! How can you not chuckle at this vision of loveliness? The 'story' jumped back and forth between a pregnant tourist and a fat old lady....wonder if I should read anything into those characters?? So with a smile and a laugh I headed back into the salt mine and have the following ready to go on eBay tomorrow.
2T Disney Halloween set...asking $25. Disney themes are good movers on eBay so I'm doing one of these on a regular basis for sure funds but am really more attracted to....
these little knot jumpers!!! This 2T is done in vintage quilter's cottons and would be perfect for back-to-school with it's crows and sunflower motifs.
I like to play around with the patterns to see if one look 'moves' better than others. On this one I tried a full bodice back with contrasting straps.
This 3T version is done in sweet paper dolls vintage prints. Also asking $25 for this jumper which is so girly!
This one has the shorter yoke back but I've put extra long straps because I've been thinking that the 'traditional' knot style must result in incessant strap pops on active little ladies! The longer straps allows you to loop it back up and create a knot which holds the yoke in it's grip!! Input always welcome!!!!
Alyssa hung out with me today which means I had someone to do a bunch of serging! Means I should have a bunch more things to post on eBay soon!


  1. Your daughter is a doll! I love a child with a HUGE imagination!

  2. Can't wait to see what else pops out of that salt mine of yours:) Tell Mari I'm going to send Arianna over for a dress up date!

  3. LOVE it, she is just incredible. How wonderful these days to have such a beautiful daughter with a wild imagination! LOVE IT. I think making the straps for the knots a little longer was a great idea. Emily's was a little too tight! You know though I'm getting the two Spongebob's, right????