Saturday, July 4, 2009

Freezin' on the Fourth!!

Whine, whine, whine is what most of you baking in the south are surely thinking as you read this but.......REALLY how can one get in the spirit for the 4th of July when it is NOT EVEN 70 degrees out?!?!?!??! Seems like Mother Nature decided that we only deserve one week of summer this year. That's it, all we have had for heat is one week in the 80's and 90's!!! If the economy was not in the tank I would be giving serious consideration to moving somewhere, anywhere there was some sun and warmth!!! Prepping for the holiday and Julia's imminent departure for horse camp we all headed off to our local Kidsnips and got snipped :) Julia getting blown dry by our 'regular' beautician's trainee....three thick heads of hair had pushed Shauna way off schedule!
Julia looking happy to be short and sassy again! Mom is happy to think that there is a hope of hair care being done at camp when it's this short.
Mari briefly considered another 10in chop to donate to Locks of Love but just couldn't bring herself to go that short. Well, at least she did it once so all that thick gorgeous hair isn't always wasted.....
Did you expect anything else from the Diva??? Bring on the highlights and glitter baby! Julia just did the big eye roll and muttered "gross".
Shorter and cooler just waiting for summer..........
So yesterday we donned the red, white, and blue and headed out for the fireworks festival....
couldn't get anywhere close to the festival sight and decided to set up on the parkway of a nearby business! Cheaper in the end and a more spacious spot to enjoy the light show.
Instead of plunking down the big bucks for the food at the festival we opted for the Golden Arches and an ice cream from one of the many circling ice cream trucks. YES WE NEEDED SWEATSHIRTS ON JULY 3rd!!!!!!
Julia's choice was quite the vision of loveliness, wouldn't you agree? Still shows a bit of blue on her lips this morning even after tooth brushing and tubbing!
Peggy will verify that I am not exaggerating! It was too darn cold to sit out and watch 4th of July fireworks. We forced ourselves to go in the hopes that we could 'get in the mood' for today's barbecues and fireworks.'s RAINING and will not even make it to 70 degrees!!
Hey Peg, how about a road trip?? I'm thinking Dad needs some company in Sarasota....don't you?


  1. Can you PLEASE send me some cold down here?? When we left for MS this morning our heat index was 110!! Now that's WAY too hot..I might need to come for a visit to cool off!

  2. OMGOSH, I can NOT even imagine your weather craziness. We had way too hot and humid but still tolerated it to go to King's Dominion and see the fireworks and then 45 minutes in traffic truly stunk :-( Did hand out three of your email addresses. The girls' outfits were commented on CONSTANTLY!!!! Thank you so much. Trying to get pictures posted!!!